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Get More Value from Clinical Lab Data

Next Generation, High-Value Laboratory Solutions
scientist analyzing data in a laboratory

The Nature of the Laboratory Business is Changing

Market consolidation, automation, genomic testing, and increasing use of point-of-care testing are stretching the limits of aging lab systems. Leverage InterSystems clinical technology solutions to manage the lab as an agile, knowledge-driven business or create advanced laboratory solutions of your own that expand the value of lab data.

Create a Unified Care Record

InterSystems HealthShare aggregates data from diverse sources including electronic health records into a unified, patient-centric diagnostic model. Results can then be connected to a comprehensive, harmonized view of the patient for more effective decision-making.

Laboratory results have always been central to clinical decision-making. Now those results can be instantly delivered to more providers, care teams, and patients, across a wider variety of receiving systems to optimize efficiency and outcomes.

InterSystems HealthShare

scientist conducting research in a lab

Create Your Own Advanced Laboratory Solutions

Leverage the agile application architecture in InterSystems IRIS for Health for creating high-value laboratory solutions, with built-in interoperability and analytics capabilities.

Solutions built on InterSystems technology support secure, standards-based collaboration to meet the ever-increasing demands for accelerated results. Rapidly delivering current, comprehensive and credible data to all participants in the care process maximizes the value of your laboratory solution.

InterSystems IRIS for Health

Leverage our Existing Laboratory Business Management System

TrakCare Lab Enterprise is the world’s only laboratory business management system, used to manage labs as an agile, knowledge-driven business in an increasingly interconnected world.

Going beyond the capabilities of typical laboratory information management systems (LIMS), it enables you to capture and act on comprehensive operational and patient data for better business decisions and improved patient care.

TrakCare Lab Enterprise

Provide Insights for Innovation

With access to comprehensive, unified patient information, from traditional lab results to claims data to genomic data sets, your next-generation laboratory solutions will use analytics to deliver greater insight.

Gain the ability to capture, share, analyze, and act upon vast amounts of data, providing a path to innovation that delivers enhanced value for your customers and better patient outcomes.

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