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InterSystems Data Integration Solutions for Reference Labs

HealthShare Health Connect

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Streamline EHR-LIS Connectivity, Expand Electronic Ordering and Reporting Support, Increase Competitive Differentiation

The Challenge: Reducing EHR Integration Cost and Complexity

Reference labs are implementing electronic ordering and reporting processes to accelerate the pace of business and avoid communications errors and reporting mix ups. By digitizing lab orders you can speed up workflows, improve visibility, and ensure specimens and results are always tied to the right patients.

Digital ordering and reporting can help your company gain a competitive advantage and increase market share by eliminating manually intensive and time-consuming paper-based processes and providing faster results. But accepting lab orders and reporting test results electronically—seamlessly exchanging data between your clients’ electronic health record (EHR) systems and your laboratory information system (LIS)—is no easy matter.

Each client has a unique EHR system with distinct APIs and data formats. Connecting disparate EHR systems to an LIS solution, and unifying patient records can be a costly, complex, and drawn-out undertaking that diverts valuable technical staff from other important business activities.

Most labs lack the resources and budget to connect to each and every client EHR system individually. As a result, many reference labs only integrate with their largest clients and fail to realize the full potential of digital transformation.

Interoperability Challenges Impair Electronic Ordering and Reporting - Distinct Interfaces and Integration Effort per EHR diagram

The Solution: InterSystems HealthShare® Health Connect

Streamline Data Integration Efforts, Accelerate Digital Transformation, and Expand Business Potential

InterSystems HealthShare® Health Connect is a high-performance, highly available, data integration engine that seamlessly handles healthcare data connectivity at massive scale. The solution breaks down interoperability barriers, letting you connect your LIS to just about any EHR system quickly, easily, and securely through a single interface. InterSystems HealthShare Unified Care Record unifies, merges, and deduplicates patient records from different sources, providing a consolidated view of patient information. The solution makes it easy to determine that lab orders from different hospitals and health systems are all associated with the same patient. You can quickly compare test results to identify potential specimen integrity issues, mislabeling errors, or significant changes between tests that may require clinician attention.

With Health Connect you can efficiently and cost-effectively extend electronic ordering and reporting to almost any client. The solution supports a wide range of contemporary and legacy healthcare information protocols and standards, and includes easy-to-use portals and tools for interface engineers and application developers. All backed by InterSystems acclaimed customer support organization. And our experienced implementation partners can help you fast-track development and integration activities, free up internal resources, and accelerate time-to-value even further.

Key Health Connect Features and Capabilities
Pre-built data transformations for most popular healthcare data formats
Intuitive drag-and-drop HL7® interface development
Add-ons for an enterprise-grade scalable HL7 FHIR® server and SQL reporting engine
A highly available architecture, with guaranteed message delivery, trace, and persistence
Strong security including robust authentication and authorization controls, and data-at-rest and data-in-motion encryption
Interface productivity tools that automate common tasks associated with building new interfaces or converting existing interfaces

Interoperability Challenges Impair Electronic Ordering and Reporting - Single Interface with InterSystems Health Connect Integration  - diagram

Flexible Deployment Models

You can deploy Health Connect on-premises, in a public cloud, or as a cloud service, designed, installed, and operated by InterSystems experts. With the InterSystems HealthShare® Health Connect Cloud™ managed service offering you gain the agility and pay-as-you-grow scalability benefits of the cloud along with the operational simplicity and peace-of-mind that comes with a fully managed service.

Key Benefits
Expand electronic ordering and reporting opportunities, and increase competitive differentiation
Eliminate manually intensive, time-consuming paper-based processes
Avoid delays and mix ups
Improve visibility into patient data with a unified patient record that supports de-duplication of patient records
Ensure high performance, availability, and security for electronic transactions
Free up development resources to focus on core business initiatives
Accelerate time-to-value and simplify ongoing operations with optional managed cloud service deployment model

Summary and Next Steps

Health Connect can help you streamline EHR-LIS connectivity, expand electronic ordering and reporting, and grow your business. A leader in interoperability for over 45 years, InterSystems has a long history of integrating different healthcare technologies. We have the products and expertise to help you overcome the most complex healthcare integration and development challenges. InterSystems technology is recognized by top industry analysts like Gartner®, Forrester®, and KLAS®, and is highly rated by customers on popular technology review platforms like Gartner Peer Insights™. Globally, more than one billion health records are managed by solutions built on InterSystems technology.

To learn how Health Connect can help your organization break down interoperability barriers, accelerate digital transformation, and gain a leg up on the competition, please visit our Health Connect page.

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