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HIT Developers & Startups Gain a Competitive Edge with InterSystems IRIS for Health

InterSystems IRIS for Health Delivers What Developers Want

90% of developers surveyed are interested in using a unified database platform that includes an interoperability engine, analytics tools, healthcare-oriented natural language processing capabilities, machine learning tools, and a FHIR server.*

88% ranked having a vendor-supplied clinical data model as critical to accelerating their work.*

InterSystems IRIS for Health™ is a unified database and development platform built by Health IT developers for Health IT developers. It gives you the fastest route to getting innovative healthcare apps up and running quickly and delivering sustainable value.

Make the Most of Aggregated Data

InterSystems IRIS for Health helps you aggregate and extract value from clinical, social, financial, claims, and related health data. Innovative uses of this data are driving success for new entrants and established players in the healthcare IT market.

  • Baxter used InterSystems IRIS for Health to create a unified platform for its products that can share, aggregate, and analyze all the data to help clinicians when they need it the most
— Traci Reed, Baxter

Analytics to Deliver Operational Insights

InterSystems IRIS for Health includes powerful capabilities for delivering insights from data, and it can work with your favorite best-of-breed business intelligence tools.

  • Rhodes Group helped a managed care organization save over $13 million and improve care outcomes using InterSystems IRIS for Health, aggregated data, and analytics
— James Brown, Rhodes Group

The Scalability and Agility You Need for Growth

With InterSystems IRIS for Health you can leverage the technology as a comprehensive, unified platform or as a-la-carte services, allowing you to scale as your company grows.

  • Cognetivity uses InterSystems IRIS for Health in its ground-breaking AI solution for early dementia detection
— Tom Sawyer, Cognetivity

A Partnership to Bring Your Innovations to Market

Every digital health innovation has its own value, and we can help you bring yours to market. Building lasting relationships with our partners enables us to address their critical data problems with solutions that meet evolving needs.

  • Jonda selected InterSystems as a partner to leverage our deep connections in the industry, and our technology for breaking down data silos and normalizing aggregated data
— Suhina Singh, Jonda

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* Based on 200 respondents to an independent research survey conducted for InterSystems.

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