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InterSystems on FHIR

FHIR is the Future of Interoperability and Application Development in Healthcare
Description: HL7 FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) closes the gap between the explosion of healthcare data and our ability to make that data accessible, computable, and usable to improve outcomes.
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The Meaning of Interoperability Has Changed

Advances in healthcare technology have created exponential growth in the amount of data available for patient care, from an increasing number of sources. But our ability to access and use the data in real time hasn’t kept up.With healthcare data more widely dispersed, heterogenous, and overwhelming, interoperability is more important and more challenging than ever. Interoperability today begins with access to data in multiple systems in real time, from one application.
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Real World Solutions with FHIR

FHIR makes it easier to break down the barriers between different systems and deliver just the information needed, to whomever needs it, in near real-time.
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As a leader in healthcare data technology and standards-based interoperability, we’re committed to tackling your challenges through FHIR-based solutions, including the following:

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Legacy Data Integration
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Building Your Own FHIR Solutions
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Creating Applications and Building Complementary Solutions Around MedTech
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Population Health & Analytics on FHIR
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Access to Comprehensive Patient Records
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Clinical Research
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Explore and Develop with FHIR

Experience FHIR
We’ve created sandboxes where you can experience our “Build with InterSystems FHIR” examples and exercises. You can also explore FHIR resources and join the Developers Community group–a place for discussion and finding answers to questions about FHIR implementation using InterSystems technology.

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