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Healthcare Interoperability

Services to Connect Systems, Devices, and Organisations

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Connecting Devices, Systems, Organisations and Solutions for Healthcare Organisations

Looking for a highly scalable integration engine? A comprehensive, interoperable, unified health information system? A longitudinal health record? Cloud-native smart health data services for digital health development?

Whichever InterSystems solution you choose, you’ll have all the benefits of InterSystems interoperability. Every InterSystems health solution is based on a common set of interoperability services, with support for virtually every major health standard.

Powering Information Flow

Digital health depends on the free flow of data within organisations, across communities, between information systems, from devices to apps, and from healthcare providers to innovators. Health data integration, powered by interoperability standards like HL7 FHIR,Ⓡ enables that flow by ensuring that data is understood the same way from start to finish by devices, systems, and people.

Powering Information Understanding

Health data comes in every conceivable format, from simple highly standardised codes that have been largely unchanged for decades, to constantly evolving genomic data files and diagnostic images. Related information is important, too, such as social determinants, consumer sentiment, environmental conditions, and location tracking. The data sources themselves are equally varied -- spreadsheets, health information systems, devices, social media sites, government agencies -- you name it.

So there is no one size fits all connection to access all of these sources. Just as you need an electrical socket adapter and converter when you travel from country to country, you need an integration engine that can read in and write out any format as your data travels the health and care ecosystem.

Most new software and devices, from mobile phones to digital health apps, expect data in the FHIR standard. The right integration and interoperability services will ensure you can meet that expectation, even if your sources do not.

Whatever your dream for the future of health and wellness, it will be powered by data. InterSystems is here to ensure that data will be there when you need it, the way you need it – for care, for development, for payment, for research, for insight.

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Connecting You to the Future of Healthcare

Nearly all the promises of next-generation healthcare depend on integrated, interoperable data:
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The internet of healthy things (IOHT), from sensors to pillcams to implantables to diagnostic imaging
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Virtual care and remote monitoring
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Hospital in the home
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Remotely managed ICUs
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A seamless, end-to-end consumer centric health system
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Streamlined payment systems

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