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TrakCare Decision Making and Analysis

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Better Outcomes through Better Decisions

You can use TrakCare to transform patient information into intelligence that’s presented within care providers’ normal workflows for interpretation and action. As providers complete day-to-day patient care activities, TrakCare is evaluating evidence-based rules. These rules may trigger notifications with timing options for recommended interventions based on the criticality of the information.

Managing Cost & Quality

TrakCare’s embedded dashboards and single data model make it much easier for clinicians and administrators to track down and understand the cost and quality of care. Data quality control, audit, and reporting features, and international best practices built into the system, support accreditation requirements and the delivery of world-class care.

Become a Learning Organisation

Use all the Data in TrakCare to extract more value and gain new insights into yet to be thought of questions. Deliver the answers right into the hands of TrakCare users by leveraging InterSystems IRIS for Health to underpin your analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives.

InterSystems IRIS for Health


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