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Move Beyond the Limits of LIMS

TrakCare Lab Enterprise

Asian female doctor working with pathogen samples. Using microscope

Make Your Laboratory a Modern Information-Driven, Connected Business

The nature of laboratory testing is changing rapidly, in multiple directions simultaneously:

  • The scale of testing, driven by infectious disease outbreaks
  • More market consolidation
  • Greater automation
  • The growth of point-of-care testing

These changes have prompted major shifts in where, when, and how testing takes place and results delivered. To deal with these demands and to survive in a rapidly changing landscape, laboratories need to constantly adapt delivery and business models, but it’s not easy with a traditional laboratory information management system (LIMS).
TrakCare® Lab Enterprise lets you move beyond these limits.

Business Transformation and Interoperability

Whether you are a healthcare organisation with enterprise laboratory services, an independent laboratory organisation or a large laboratory service provider, TrakCare Lab Enterprise enables you to manage the laboratory as an agile, knowledge-driven business, and adapt to changes as they arise. Browser-based and built on InterSystems IRIS®, a single, highly scalable database, TrakCare Lab Enterprise supports business transformation and interoperability at its core, and provides:

  • Visibility and control over your processes in the delivery of laboratory services
  • Insights to help you standardise and streamline workflows and operating procedures to reduce waste, and lower costs
  • Faster, more reliable, and more comprehensive processing and reporting of results
  • The ability to monitor performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time
  • Accommodation for a high-volume of concurrent users, and enterprise scalability as your business grows

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