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Taking InterSystems Exams

Preparing and taking an InterSystems certification exam is a straightforward process, however, a few best practices can make the process even smoother. The video below is a good introduction to the online proctored process.

Watch the Video

Preparing for the Exam

Candidates should carefully read the “Exam Details” of the exam to understand the scope of the content in the the exam. In many cases, classroom materials or online learning modules will provide useful resources. Additionally, InterSystems product documentation and active Developer Community can assist in preparing for the exam.

Buying the Exam

Candidates can buy exam attempts in the exam delivery system store by adding it to their carts and checking out to complete the purchase. Major credit cards or an issued InterSystems Learning Services voucher can be used as payment. Once purchased, the exam will appear under “My Assessments”. All InterSystems certification exams cost $150 (USD) each.

Please note, before buying an exam, a candidate should ensure they have a compatible system as described under Exam Access on the Exam Policies page.

Scheduling the Exam

Clicking on “Schedule” shows the available online proctoring start times for the exam. An email confirmation is sent to confirm the appointment. Exams can be rescheduled as needed up to one hour before a scheduled start time.

Important – candidates must first set their time zone in the exam system so that appointment times are correct.

Right Before the Exam

A few best practices can help candidate right before the exam:

  • Finish any other tasks before the exam. No pauses are allowed during the exam.
  • Close all non-allowed messaging and communication software to allow the QuestionMark Secure to launch without problems.
  • Connect to the systems and click “Launch” for the exam at least ten minutes before the start time.  Please wait for the proctor to initiate contact.

Online Proctoring

During an online proctored exam, the proctor will lead the candidate through the process and observe them during the exam. Before the exam begins, the proctor will need to review:

  • Identification – the candidate must show a government-issued ID with photo (driver’s license, passport, or national identity card) for identify verification
  • Room Securing – the proctor will ask the candidate to move the webcam around the room to ensure there are no disallowed resources

Once identity is verified and the room is secured, the proctor will release the exam to the candidate. When the candidate has submitted their exam, the proctor will close the session. Please note that the proctors’ task is to ensure exam security and as such will not ask any oral questions as part of the exam nor are they able to answer questions about exam content.
Note: Online proctors speak English only.

After the Exam

Exam results can be viewed under “My Results” in the exam system. If the candidate passes the exam, they will receive an email notification with a link to claim their badge. Clicking the link will start the badge creation process. Please see the Certification Badges page for more information. For an unsuccessful attempt, candidates can request Exam Retake Support as described on the Exam Policies page.