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HealthShare Unified Care Record

InterSystems Comprehensive, Longitudinal Health Information Platform

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InterSystems HealthShare Unified Care Record helps providers, payers, consumers, social care and wellness services, researchers, and solution developers overcome the challenges of decentralised data by creating a shared, comprehensive, and unified care record. As part of your smart data fabric, HealthShare delivers relevant data from the unified record into clinical and business workflows, communicates across your application and business ecosystem, and facilitates timely action through real-time notifications.

HealthShare data is aggregated, normalised and deduplicated so all of it, regardless of source, is stored in a single, consistent format to power analytics applications, HL7 FHIR® applications (including FHIR R4), and artificial intelligence for knowledge discovery.

With Unified Care Record, you can:

  • Facilitate machine learning (ML) and analytics with a pipeline of consolidated, cleansed, and normalised analytics
  • Ease the information burden for clinicians and care managers with a single consolidated view of health and claims data intelligently presented to facilitate decision-making
  • Help optimise information flow, automate manual processes, and improve decision-making with intelligent clinical and business logic
  • Ensure continuity as you modernise your IT infrastructure by archiving legacy clinical data in your unified care record
  • Inform your outreach and health equity initiatives with comprehensive information, including social determinants of health, about where care is delivered, by whom, for whom, and where there are unmet needs
  • Empower decision makers with unified clinical, claims, and provider data to optimise strategic and operational planning
  • Support clinical research and discovery with secure yet accessible real-world data
  • Aid in compliance with information sharing mandates, data standards, and other regulatory requirements
  • Deliver cohort and population-level data in real time to help you reduce gaps in care and optimise performance metrics throughout the year
  • Serve up data for connected FHIR-based applications, including FHIR R4
  • Meet CMS rule 9115-F requirements with a patient access API built on the CARIN and US Core Implementation Guide
  • Meet Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange, including support for PDex Implementation Guide

Clinical Viewer

Equally accessible from desktop and mobile devices, the HealthShare Clinical Viewer delivers a longitudinal representation of the patient/member record. Beyond what may be available in the EMR, clinicians, care managers, care coordinators, case managers and other members of the team can use the Clinical Viewer to get the information they need.

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