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Helping Governments Serve Their Citizens

Technology to Improve Lives

National and local governments around the world rely on our technology to build applications for health and life sciences, end-of-life care, public safety, citizen self service, interagency communication, and research such as space exploration. They use it to keep cities connected and communities safe, and improve the lives of their citizens.

Deliver seamless care, improve public health, control costs

Regional and national governments use TrakCare and HealthShare software to deliver efficient and connected care across regions and countries, improve public health, and control costs.

Both products use our advanced data platform for aggregating comprehensive electronic medical records, massively scalable data management, interoperability, and data analytics. So you’ll always be able to gather the data you need, and share it readily with other caregivers and organisations.

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The leader in public and private sector healthcare

Since 1978, InterSystems has delivered mission-critical software for public healthcare at the state, regional, and national levels, private healthcare, and application developers. Today, InterSystems technology encompasses more than 113 Million patient lives across 11 states, and powers the electronic medical records of:

  • Over 1 billion health records worldwide
  • 2 out of 3 Americans
  • All 19.4 million New York State citizens
  • 9.2 million U.S. veterans

Healthcare Technology for Governments

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Public Safety & Municipal Government

Providing Seamless Access to Siloed Data and Government Services

Federal, state, and local governments, as well as public-safety organisations worldwide use InterSystems data management technology to boost their effectiveness, speed, and efficiency in serving their citizens.

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform allows organisations to build new modern applications that seamlessly connect with siloed data and applications, incorporating a rich set of analytics capabilities, and that interact with citizens and agencies to provide superior customer experiences and streamlined workflows.

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Benefits of Working Smarter

Serve Citizens and Agencies, and Inform Decisions

  • Bridges data silos
  • Leverages existing applications and their data
  • Promotes greater situational awareness
  • Leverages unstructured data from free text fields and social media feeds
  • Uses embedded analytics to enable insights for more informed decisions
  • Enhances ability to collect information from public sources via digital devices

Superior Reliability

  • Proven in challenging public safety environments
  • Powers production applications for more than 10,000 customers worldwide
  • Continuous operation for agencies and public safety organisations even during network failures

Increased Efficiency

  • Enables rapid development of new applications
  • Highly resource efficient

Low Ownership Costs

Research & Space Exploration

InterSystems Technology is Built for Big Data Challenges. Whether it involves mapping the stars, genomic research, or public health studies, government-sponsored research requires vast amounts of data. It is not surprising that so much of this research relies on the scalability and reliability of InterSystems technology.

Discovering the Formation, Composition & Evolution of the Milky Way

The European Space Agency (ESA) is using InterSystems technology for its Gaia Mission, the largest data challenge in astronomy to date. ESA’s Gaia satellite is capturing data on around 1 billion celestial objects to create a 3D map of the Milky Way.

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With a Mission to Make You Successful

Developers at InterSystems create products that are interoperable, reliable, intuitive, and scalable. Our software design philosophy, products, and support empower you to be creative in building new applications to solve the toughest problems.

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And a Large User Community

InterSystems supports a large, international developer and user community. We hold an annual Global Summit and host a very active online Developer Community.

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Developer Community

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