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TrakCare Settings & Departments

An Efficient Journey Across Care Settings and Departments

A patient’s healthcare journey isn’t limited to one setting. That’s why TrakCare is patient centric – so information flows within and between settings. It's also why TrakCare is user focused – to meet the unique needs of providing care in different settings.

TrakCare for Inpatients

  • Streamline the journey for patients in hospital settings. Easily complete administrative processes with data integrated across the continuum of care for business and clinical teams.
  • Gain visibility into all patient movements, from pre-admission planning through discharge, with every handover and transition of care well documented, and status changes noted.
  • Optimise the allocation of bed resources and effectively coordinate the delivery of care across services, locations, and providers.

TrakCare for Outpatients

  • Increase patient satisfaction with efficient delivery of services to ambulatory patients in centralised or decentralised clinic settings.
  • Achieve optimal utilisation of care provider, facility, and equipment resources with effective daily planning and visit management for in-person and telehealth appointments.
  • Balance administrative efficiency and quality of care with TrakCare’s process automation and streamlined consultation workflows for every provider.

TrakCare for Emergency

emergency room doctors rushing a patient through sliding doors

  • Eliminate bottlenecks and optimise patient flow from pre-arrival through inpatient admissions, surgical bookings, and discharge.
  • Prioritise care accurately according to triage category, time waiting, next to be seen indicators, and patient alerts.
  • Gain insights into performance and management with embedded analytics dashboards.
  • Identify patients at risk including frequent attendees, readmissions, overdue test results, and early warning signs of clinical decline with alerts to notify staff for timely action.
  • Handle mass casualty incidents, care for unidentifiable patients safely, and co-ordinate services with ancillary departments efficiently.

TrakCare for Community Health

  • Support the delivery of high quality, full-scope health services to clients by multi-disciplinary teams and visiting nurses in a broad range of non-acute, community-based healthcare settings
  • Focus on health promotion, maintenance and improvement for individuals and groups with multi-disciplinary team meetings and events for clients, families, and staff
  • Optimise service delivery and utilisation of staff and physical resources with powerful scheduling and appointment booking tools
  • Keep track of every contact made to your service by patients, clients, or members of the public whether in person or anonymously

TrakCare for Critical Care & High Acuity

  • Ensure patients with severe and life-threatening conditions receive the constant and close monitoring they need by empowering specialist medical staff with quality data from connected devices and interactive flowsheets
  • Improve safety and continuity of care by seamlessly providing ICU staff with patient data from emergency, operating theatre, and inpatient departments, and vice versa
  • Monitor patient condition and plans of care and quickly focus on the most relevant information with integrated clinical documentation easily filterable by clinical specialty
  • Manage all admissions, patient orders, medications, transfers, handovers and discharges seamlessly

TrakCare for Maternity

Parents with newborn at hospital

  • Support obstetricians and midwives with all they need to safely guide the journey for mother and baby, from helping expectant mothers plan and safely navigate the course of a pregnancy, through delivery and postnatal care
  • Record every aspect of care in a single shareable record, from capturing pregnancy history and birth plan as an outpatient to documenting all labor and delivery details as an inpatient, and discharge

TrakCare for Oncology

  • Streamline care for cancer patients across episodes and care settings.
  • Implement complex treatment regimens and easily discern patient progress with powerful tumour staging and interactive clinical pathways that integrate ordering, appointment booking, and tracking.
  • Improve the efficiency of tumour boards with TrakCare’s Multi-disciplinary Team Meetings. Pre-plan case loads, review patient records, and immediately act on board decisions using comprehensive integrated clinical documentation, medication management and planning tools.

TrakCare for Operating Theatres

  • Improve resource coordination and management of theatre rooms and clinical staff.
  • Ensure better coordination between ward locations and operating theaters with surgical details and patient progress updates immediately viewable in the patient’s electronic health record.
  • Optimise utilisation of surgical resources with flexible scheduling options to ensure patients, rooms, staff, and equipment are available for sequence and time based bookings.
  • Access comprehensive, real time patient records including orders, results, medications, clinical notes, history, and alerts to enhance decision-making and the delivery of timely, quality care.
  • Increase operational performance with reporting and business intelligence tools to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

TrakCare for Mortuaries

  • Admit, transfer and discharge deceased patients into and out of the morgue
  • Manage morgue occupancy and track decedent movements to all locations including viewing, grieving, and autopsy rooms
  • Track status of all ordered care-after-death procedures and return/destruction of laboratory samples
  • Ensure proper documentation and tracking of decedent belongings
  • Produce death certificates and other documentation with data from TrakCare’s shared electronic patient record automatically populating letter templates, forms, and reports

TrakCare for Laboratories

laboratory technician preparing samples for testing

  • Improve the delivery and efficiency of laboratory services to meet the demands of chronic disease management, bio-surveillance, and more proactive approaches to treatment and prevention
  • Streamline completion of daily tasks for pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical phases of processing in centralised or decentralised labs
  • Tailor reporting and integration of results into patient electronic medical records for referring clinicians
  • Enhance ability to strategically analyse performance and implement meaningful plans to improve operational efficiency

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TrakCare for Pharmacy

pharmacist filling a prescription

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians fulfil an invaluable role in helping healthcare organisations reduce adverse events and ensure optimal use of medicines. TrakCare provides the tools and information they need to make that job easier.

  • Closed-loop medication management to ensure that the preparation and dispensing of prescribed medications is completed accurately and efficiently
  • Clinical pharmacy services to medical teams including medication review for safety and efficacy and formulary management
  • Management of procurement and distribution of pharmaceuticals, and control of inventory with full traceability from purchase order through consumption, disposal, or return of goods

TrakCare for Medical Imaging

TrakCare provides necessary context for imaging procedures by giving invaluable and secure access to the patient’s shared health record to support decision making and eliminate unnecessary procedures. Imaging staff can document care and enter notes directly into the patient’s record and, with TrakCare’s revenue cycle, medical records management, and analytics integrated, you can close the loop on back office and clinical operations as well.

With TrakCare, medical imaging departments will streamline workflows, from imaging requests through appointment booking, performing the required examination, and report distribution.


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