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HealthTech Ireland Annual Conference

2020 undoubtedly presented the most challenging year that modern-day healthcare has ever seen with health systems around the world straining to cope with the huge demands placed on them.

As a consequence of the pandemic, the adoption of digital health and virtual care has accelerated at such a pace that governments around the world are having to rethink the role of health technology in healthcare. The crisis has been a huge impetus for enabling digital health so, once the pandemic subsides, how do we hold on to the gains achieved during the past year and ensure that innovation in future healthcare delivery is implemented, spread and sustained?

HealthTech Ireland believes that all stakeholders need to act decisively, together and in an orchestrated way to make the necessary changes. By helping to unite the health tech industry and stakeholder community in Ireland behind a common roadmap, we will be much further along the path to delivering better and more sustainable care. Read more...