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Data at the heart of supply chain resilience

Supply Chain Resilience Report

The pandemic exposed worrying fragilities in global supply chains, creating an urgent need to embrace a more intelligent approach which eliminates data silos and increases visibility.

The severe circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic forced organisations to reflect on the processes that are yet to reach digital maturity, holding supply chains back. The sudden shift in consumer demand, coupled with lockdown-related production outages, created a highly visible supply crisis documented by images of empty shelves in shops. Less visible impacts were felt even harder by businesses.

Putting data at the heart of supply chain resilience allows a company to orchestrate disruption and constraints of supply and demand with the supply chain to meet fulfilment in a predictive manner with a high degree of accuracy.

Read more from Mark Holmes, senior advisor for supply chain at InterSystems, starting on page 9 in the full Supply Chain Resilience 2021 report. The report was published by Raconteur in The Sunday Times, in association with the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply.

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