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Advisory: Health Insight Data Can Point to the Wrong Patient's Encounter

This problem affects the following products:

  • All versions of Health Insight up to and including 2021.2

Many types of clinical data – such as diagnoses, documents, and observations – point back to a particular encounter. When clinical data is fed into Health Insight, it is usually accompanied by the relevant encounter data as well, and the resulting Health Insight relational data table entry will have a pointer to its encounter. For example, an HSAA.Diagnosis entry will have an Encounter property that points to the HSAA.Encounter entry that it relates to.

However, there are certain cases where Health Insight can receive clinical data without the relevant encounter data. In these cases, Health Insight will search through its existing collection of encounters and find one that matches. If the data source does not enforce uniqueness of encounters based on Facility and EncounterNumber, the incoming clinical data can end up pointing to the encounter of another patient.

The impact of this issue depends on how you are structuring your queries; if your queries are dependent on the Encounter field of the clinical data, then you may be affected by this issue.

If you are affected by this issue, contact the Worldwide Response Center to request an ad hoc correction for this issue, HSHI-6196, and apply the adhoc to your Health Insight instance. The correction will include a code change that will prevent the issue going forward and a utility that can identify and correct existing bad entries.