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What Healthcare Software Developers Are Telling You They Need for Success

InterSystems IRIS for Health

Unified Healthcare Data Platform
90% of developers are interested in using a unified database platform that includes an interoperability engine, analytics tools, healthcare-oriented natural language processing capabilities, machine learning tools, and a FHIR server.

An Out-of-the-box Clinical Data Model
88% ranked having a vendor-supplied clinical data model as critical to accelerating their work.

Data from Electronic Health Records
60% want easier access to data from electronic health records.

InterSystems IRIS for Health® Helping Developers Create the Next Generation of Healthcare Apps

Innovative healthcare software and use of data can improve care outcomes. InterSystems IRIS for Health is the only data platform specifically engineered to help developers extract value from healthcare data and build the next generation of healthcare solutions. It includes a comprehensive healthcare data model for clinical, claims, device, and other data sources. Additional healthcare-specific features include:

  • Deep support for HL7® FHIR®, HL7 V2 and other standards and protocols to ensure access to EHR data and interoperability, while an extensible FHIR Server and comprehensive REST APIs enable modern healthcare application development
  • An API Manager for controlling the full lifecycle of API traffic from a central spot
  • An open analytics architecture that includes built-in capabilities, as well as the ability to incorporate favored analytics tools
  • InterSystems IntegratedML, to simplify the creation and training of machine learning models
  • Natural language processing and text exploration that enables developers to deliver insights from unstructured data
  • Proven high performance and scalability, and the tools and solutions to implement open-source and proprietary technologies with high reliability

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* Based on 200 respondents to an independent research survey conducted for InterSystems.

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