Better Health and Care for All Begins by Sharing All the Information

The most costly healthcare consumers – patients with chronic conditions and co-morbidities – typically have information spread across the EMRs and other systems of multiple providers and organizations.

Getting and sharing the complete story on these patients and others is not as easy or as reliable as it should be.

We have a solution.

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HealthShare Health Connect and HealthShare Information Exchange, our integration and interoperability solutions, enable you to reliably, securely, and rapidly aggregate patient data from all sources and share it for more coordinated, more efficient care.

Health Information Exchange

HealthShare Information Exchange creates a virtual, longitudinal, community-wide patient record as the foundation for coordinated e-health applications.

Built on a robust consent framework, Information Exchange delivers comprehensive information from across the entire health ecosystem directly into provider workflows – embedded within the EHR or in a standalone browser.

A Health Service Bus

HealthShare Health Connect is a health service bus. It includes all of the capabilities of traditional HL7 messaging engines plus support for all major healthcare interoperability standards, including IHE and HL7 FHIR®.

Also unlike messaging engines, Health Connect delivers the high-volume transaction support, unparalleled process management, event detection, and continuous monitoring required for the “always on” business of healthcare.

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KLAS HIE 2016 Report:
InterSystems HealthShare Is Top-Rated
Health Information Exchange in EMR-Independent Category1

  1. “HIE 2016: Shifts in Vendor Performance and Provider Outlook”, KLAS Research,

Technology so Reliable, the Health Records of 500 Million People Depend on it

The health records of 500 million people worldwide rely on the same InterSystems technology that’s at the heart of HealthShare Health Connect and HealthShare Health Information Exchange.

Like all of our products, Health Connect and Health Information Exchange are designed around the idea that lives and livelihoods depend on them to work properly and reliably, at any scale.

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In the greater New York City area, Healthix used HealthShare to create composite health records for more than 16 million patients, based on 54 million provider medical record numbers. Healthix sends nearly 600,000 clinical event notifications to providers in a typical month.

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Healthfirst, a not-for-profit health plan serving more than 1 million members in the New York City metropolitan area, uses HealthShare to give providers access to detailed patient information, including prescription drug usage and alerts for gaps in care, such as missing preventive care services. The clinical portal for clinicians works across the entire care network, including acute care, community care, mental health services, social care, and general practitioner services.

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Social Services in the UK

Care providers in the United Kingdom receive national child-protection notifications within their usual workflows via HealthShare when they are treating a vulnerable child. The technology gives health professionals quick and secure access to key nonclinical social care information that can help them assess whether a child is at risk and ensure proper follow-up care.

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