Unified healthcare information system

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Healthcare organizations in 25 countries are making breakthroughs in patient care with TrakCare, a unified healthcare information system that enables coordinated care within a hospital or across care settings throughout a region — facilitating a seamless patient journey.

Clinicians and administrators use TrakCare to improve safety and outcomes, control costs by eliminating duplicate tests, reduce medication errors, expedite billing, maximize resource utilization, and achieve other strategic initiatives.

TrakCare’s comprehensive clinical, administrative, and departmental modules share a single data repository and have a common user interface. Data entered once is immediately available to all authorized care providers, enriching the patient record with each interaction.

Built on InterSystems’ health informatics platform, HealthShare, TrakCare creates a consolidated view of each patient’s history, provides secure access to records at every point of care and on any Internet-connected device, enables interoperability with legacy and future applications, and performs analytics that provide real-time insights to drive fully-informed actions.

TrakCare is a multi-language, multi-currency system that comes pre-configured to meet the local requirements of geographic regions, reducing implementation risk and expediting deployment.

How we help you make breakthroughs:

Unified system, superior interoperability

The vast majority of today’s Health Information System products aren’t unified solutions that share a common data repository, so they require the purchase and “bolting on” of additional products to address interoperability issues – often at high costs and with disappointing results.

TrakCare is a truly unified system with seamless modules that use a single high performance database to store and share all patient records. Because of this, TrakCare requires just one login for users, and when data is entered it is immediately available throughout the system.

In addition, TrakCare facilitates interoperability with legacy and future applications because it was built on our advanced integration engine.

Better information, better decisions

TrakCare provides analytics that are easy to access because they are embedded in its modules. Analytics are performed on patient records that have been aggregated by TrakCare, so clinicians and administrators are able to make fully informed decisions based on complete and up-to-date information.

Real-time management information is provided through reports, graphs, and dashboards. Users see predefined data models and key performance indicators (KPI) for clinical and administrative data. With TrakCare’s pre-configured dashboards and the ability to drill down on dashboard content, clinicians and administrators are able to track – in real time – what is happening operationally and can take more timely actions.

Rapid implementation, rapid returns on investment

The risk of time and cost overruns, and the risk of low rates of user adoption of new systems, are potential issues for every large-scale software implementation project. So we created an implementation methodology called ARIES (“Architecture for Rapid Implementation of Enterprise Systems”) to minimize your risks when deploying TrakCare.

Our breakthrough approach for rapid implementation brings benefits for multi-facility, regional, and national systems. It is based on pre-built local country configurations of TrakCare that reflect common regional procedures and workflows.

You can get patient records anytime you can get the Internet

InterSystems TrakCare is a modern system developed for the Internet era. It lets authorized healthcare professionals access and work with complete and up-to-date patient records on any Internet-connected device – tablets, smartphones, or computers. TrakCare automatically detects the type of device in use to optimize specific functionality, such as touch on a tablet or smartphone. Being an Internet-based system, Trakcare provides a lower cost of ownership – less expensive to run and easier to support.

Patient-centric, clinician-focused

We believe that well-designed electronic health record systems can improve patient safety while also enhancing productivity. TrakCare provides the rich clinical capabilities you’d expect from leading international EHR systems. What sets us apart is TrakCare’s approach to complex data management that enables customers to capture, share, understand and act on all of their data, leading to better clinical outcomes. In TrakCare, data is oriented around the patient with the patient information you’re looking for accessible from a single screen. Our sophisticated workflow capabilities enable clinicians to readily view their most important priorities, see outstanding tasks, collaborate with care teams – improving productivity and reducing cognitive burden.

The Patient Journey with TrakCare

InterSystems TrakCare is the only healthcare information system built upon a health informatics platform, providing unmatched interoperability and embedded analytics capabilities to enable care providers across care settings to collaborate and make better decisions with complete patient records. In this short demonstration video you’ll discover how TrakCare empowers care providers to create a seamless patient journey.