Caché Evaluation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the free Caché Evaluation software

What is included in the evaluation version of Caché?

The Caché evaluation software is a fully functional, non-expiring, single-user version of the InterSystems Caché® database. It includes all of the development and deployment capabilities of larger Caché implementations except the ability to network with other Caché systems and to connect terminals, instruments, or similar external input devices. Although it is limited to a single user, the Caché evaluation version can run twelve concurrent processes.

What platforms does the Caché evaluation version run on?

The Caché evaluation software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Red Hat Linux, and SUSE Linux. Commercial licenses for Caché run on other platforms as well. See the latest Supported Platforms document for a complete list.

Why is InterSystems offering free Caché evaluation version?

Our experience is that, once an application developer gets a chance to use Caché, he or she will quickly discover how productive it is and will go on to build excellent applications.

Can I develop a commercial application with the evaluation version of Caché?

No. It is for evaluation purposes only. For developing and deploying commercial applications, you must purchase a Caché license. Please call us toll-free at +1.800.753.2571, or contact your local InterSystems office to discuss your needs.

Is support available for the Caché evaluation version?

Yes. If you need technical support, you may email our support team, link or phone the Worldwide Response Center at +1.617.621.0700, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Does the Caché evaluation version include materials to help me learn Caché?

Yes. Caché includes a complete online documentation set, which also contains tutorials on a variety of Caché topics.

How often is the evaluation version of Caché upgraded?

We upgrade the evaluation version every time there is a major release of Caché. That happens roughly twice a year.

There’s been a new release of Caché since I downloaded the evaluation version. How do I get the new evaluation software?

Simply return to the Caché download page and download (or request a DVD of) the new evaluation version of Caché.

I love Caché! How can I purchase a license?

We offer a variety of license types – one of them is sure to be right for you. Please call us toll-free at +1.800.753.2571, or contact your local InterSystems office to discuss your needs.