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Ready Computing Leverages the Power of InterSystems IRIS for Health to Offer a Highly-Interoperable and Scalable Solution for Healthcare Organizations

Ready Computing and InterSystems collaborate to deliver a best-in-class data and workflow solution that combines Channels—a powerful Clinical Program Management System (CPMS)—with InterSystems IRIS for Health, the world’s first and only data platform engineered specifically for creating data-rich applications for healthcare

NEW YORK CITY and CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS (February 6, 2019) —Ready Computing and InterSystems have introduced a product combination that will help Health Insurers, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to help improve patient outcomes, streamline case workflows, reduce clinical costs, and further modernize the healthcare industry.

Ready Computing has built a new Clinical Program Management System (CPMS), known as Channels, on the new InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform.

Channels is a robust, feature-rich CPMS that has been custom-built for insurers and organizations engaging in shared-risk models. Channels provides a flexible, intuitive, and user-friendly platform that enables quality and care staff—not just programmers—to define and rapidly implement programs to support value-based care. The solution features a clinically-focused rules builder that is coupled with simplified, yet powerful workflow definition capabilities.

InterSystems IRIS for Health empowers healthcare organizations with a unified data platform that combines analytical and transaction processing with native interoperability for all data types. With the ability to rapidly scale and manage both heterogeneous data and fast data, InterSystems IRIS for Health accelerates development cycles to meet the data demands of the modern healthcare organization. It enables users to create information-rich healthcare applications, more rapidly.

Channels provides users with the ability to create custom ‘Care Channels’ that can be based on HEDIS and Star Measure-based templates, with the ability to capitalize on existing plan calculated gaps in care or create programs from scratch to support event-based interventions. Ultimately, this helps staff focus on maximizing and aligning patient engagement efforts, identifying early interventions, and proactively influencing quality scores, in real time.

Channels leverages InterSystems IRIS for Health to enable the flow of clinical information and perform its built-in Complex Clinical Event Processing (CCEP) functionality. The extensible data model of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform allows Ready Computing to easily process non-clinical data from claims and financial information, in conjunction with clinical events and history from a variety of data sources such as EHRs, HIEs, and Claims Management Systems. This enables automatic patient identification for inclusion into improvement programs. Channels has the ability to show aggregated clinical, social/behavioral, and historical intervention data as well—all within the context of a patient’s case—allowing for a more integrated case management experience.

“Processing real-time clinical events is incredibly challenging—especially when it is composed of both clinical and non-clinical data that comes from a variety of disparate sources and in different formats,” said Samir Jain, Vice President of Technology at Ready Computing. “We leveraged InterSystems IRIS for Health to transform, at scale, all of this information into a canonical model. This enabled us to focus on building an experience that puts the power of an enterprise-grade workflow solution into the hands of non-technical users. Furthermore, InterSystems IRIS comes with a native Apache Spark connector, which will allow our clients’ data teams to explore how clinical interventions affect the overall quality of the system. We’re incredibly excited to see what our partners and clients will do with these technologies!”

Channels and InterSystems IRIS for Health will provide organizations with an intuitive, scalable, and easily implemented framework for quality improvement. The data platform’s cloud-ready architecture also enables Channels to be rapidly deployed into a variety of environments, including on-premise, in a managed data center, or within a cloud. In addition, Channels and InterSystems IRIS combine to unlock comprehensive reporting capabilities that offer users at-a-glance reports, real-time analytics, and dashboards that provide snapshots of a program’s overall health. Lastly, the intrinsic ability of InterSystems IRIS to enable data access via Apache Spark for deep analytics on operational data will provide insight into clinical intervention effectiveness.

“The power of InterSystems IRIS for Health is that it enables our partners and customers to develop next-generation technologies and realize value quickly,” said Don Woodlock, head of the HealthShare Business Unit for InterSystems. “By powering Channels with our latest data platform, Ready Computing has shown a commitment to technical innovation, as well as to changing the healthcare paradigm, in the era of shared-risk healthcare.”

Combined with the raw, best-of-breed power of the InterSystems IRIS for Health, Channels has the potential to help reduce costs, improve healthcare performance, and bridge care gaps. By integrating Channels into the healthcare equation, organizations will benefit from using real-time clinical and non-clinical data from a variety of sources to actively improve the overall health of their system, and provide care interventions where they are needed most.

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