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The 3 Keys to Agility: Join us for InterSystems Virtual Summit!

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I’m happy to share that our Global Summit user conference will be virtual this year and run from October 20 - November 5 as Virtual Summit 2020. Our theme this year could not be more relevant: "Creating an Adaptive Organization."

A core component of the InterSystems brand is our ability to respond quickly to the needs of customers and partners, whether that need comes from internal customer challenges, like a hardware failure or an outdated process, or external forces, like the threat of COVID-19. While the number of our service requests has stayed roughly steady since the pandemic hit, our Head of Client Services, John Paladino, will share, the urgency of requests has spiked. Organizations need to respond faster than ever.

This virtual conference is an incredible opportunity to learn about and even interact with our technology, our development teams, our product leads, and our customers and partners against the backdrop of our theme, "Creating an Adaptive Organization." There will be something for everyone – from tech-savvy executives to technical managers to developers.

Starting the conference will be our CEO and founder, Terry Ragon, who lays out the three keys to building an adaptive enterprise that can weather any storm. You won’t want to miss how he spells out how a mix of responsive partners, agile technology, and clean, usable data can make an organization nimble and flexible – and prepared to face whatever comes next. And, if you want more detail about what this means for you, stay connected for Scott Gnau, our head of data platforms, to discuss “Our Vision for Data Platforms: Preparing for What’s Next.”

Here are some questions I’ve been receiving, with my answers.

Q: Is there any content about COVID-19 and how it has impacted business?

A: Here are just three of our keynote sessions where speakers will share how they have adapted in the face of unprecedented challenge.

  • Our panel “Financial Services: Adaptability in Times of Uncertainty” on October 21 is not to be missed. In it, leaders from Credit Suisse, Broadridge, and Banco do Brasil Tecnologia e Serviços discuss what happened when the markets went wild just as COVID-19 hit – and how they’re preparing their organizations and customers for future challenges.
  • Dr. Bruce Walker, founding director of the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard, will speak about "The Quest for a COVID Vaccine & the Need for Agility in Life Sciences." No matter what your field, Dr. Walker’s talk is relevant – through a series of pivots, the team was able to adapt their 10 years of progress toward a vaccine to rapidly creating one to protect against the novel coronavirus that is now in human clinical trials. Doing so required true agility.
  • MIT Professor Fiona Murray, an internationally recognized expert on innovation and how it plays a leading role in adaptability and flexibility, will discuss "Innovation and Adaptation: Building a Resilient Organization," drawing lessons from the COVID-19 crisis. She will discuss the role of experimentation and learning loops to map out a vision for the future – while identifying the potential roadblocks and biases that may stand in the way of creating an adaptive, inclusive, and responsive organization.

Q: What else will my team and I be able to access?

A: Content this year will focus on "Creating an Adaptive Organization," and you'll find ample information on enabling yours to withstand any disruption.

  • From our customers and partners, our product leads, and outside researchers, you’ll gain a solid understanding of how organizations are leveraging our products now for responsiveness to their customers’ needs, how our products will continue to enable adaptability, and how the need for flexibility is impacting research and development.
  • From our technical staff, you’ll hear best practices for using our technology today, and in particular, using it to quickly adapt to change.
  • From expert-led hands-on exercises, you’ll learn the ways our key technologies could work for you.
  • From private consultation with our experts in learning, support, and product, you’ll get answers to all of your questions.

Q: What days and times do the sessions run?

A: For your convenience, we will be running all sessions in two different time zones, and sessions will also be available on demand.

  • Keynotes: October 20-22Listen to customers, industry thought leaders, and InterSystems executives share ideas about how to build adaptive organizations.
  • Focus Sessions: October 27-29Hear about our best practices, new technology, and product roadmaps and discover how InterSystems can help your organization meet the future. Topic areas include: Analytics, ML and AI, Cloud Operations and DevOps, Security, Speed and Scale, and much more!
  • Ask the Experts: October 30, November 2Sign up for one-on-one sessions with members of our learning services, product development, support, and product management teams.
  • Experience Labs: November 2-5Go hands-on with our technology in a live session with virtual over-the-shoulder help.

Q: How do I register for InterSystems Virtual Summit 2020?

A: Simply join us here to register or watch live at the designated time.

There's no charge, and you can commit as much or as little time (sessions are only 20 minutes) as you want.

Resiliency has never mattered more than it does now. Join us to learn more about the three keys to success, our vision for products that can help you leverage data to achieve your goals, and exciting new features, methods, and best practices to make your organization agile, responsive, and prepared for the future.

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