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Orchestration to Attain a Resilient and Agile Supply Chain

Supply Chain

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InterSystems technology provides actionable prescriptive insights in minutes, not days, across the entire supply chain, to manage supply chain disruptions in real-time and consistently provide the line of business with accelerated and accurate decisions.

What if you could attain agility across the most complex and intricate global supply chains? InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator™ is a differentiated data platform that does just that, providing unique orchestration capabilities that lock in greater efficiency and higher revenues, with fast time-to-value.

Our technology creates the ultimate control tower with true end-to-end visibility. Leveraging this approach, it’s possible to extract business-critical, highly actionable prescriptive insights from real-time data without replacing your existing systems. It will empower you to react rapidly to changes across your entire supply chain and accelerate digital transformation.

The Challenge

In a world of growing market volatility and disruption, organisations seeking greater resilience often lack the ability to see and understand their supply chains. Lacking reliable, real-time, accurate data they are unable to respond quickly. Instead, they must rely on time-consuming, manual methods to conduct analysis before they can act, most likely with less than optimal results or worse.

This is a major obstacle to the agility and efficiency that are necessary to thrive in a highly competitive global market. Complex interdependencies in extended supply chains create significant challenges. When disruptions occur, slow and inadequate responses inflict significant costs through the inability to avoid bottlenecks or mitigate constraints.

Many companies are poorly integrated with heavily siloed supply chain applications that prevent end-to-end visibility. They lack the ability to harmonise and normalise disparate data, let alone extract meaningful insights in real time. Real-time connected data, self-service insights, and greater automation for enhanced 24x7 efficiency have become essentials. But reliance on manual processes means inefficiency remains embedded and organisations miss out on the long-term benefits of digital transformation.

Key Benefits
Typical order optimisation benefits are:

Increased agility, resilience, and higher revenues through faster and more effective data-driven decisions

Prescriptive insights and increased automation increase efficiency and lower labor, transportation, and opportunity costs

Data-driven efficiency and fast access to insights enhance order fulfillment and partner and customer experience

A more productive labor force is able to focus on longer-term efficiencies and successful innovation

The Solution

Supply Chain Orchestrator is an intelligent data platform that eliminates these challenges. It provides your organisation with the ultimate control tower, providing razor-sharp, end-to-end visibility and unmatched predictive and prescriptive capabilities that transform supply chain performance and agility.

Success in supply chain management is about connected and trusted data. Supply Chain Orchestrator provides the connective tissue, ensuring real-time data flows across your applications, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. It provides four embedded technologies as a single capability: consistent trusted data that is harmonised and normalised from disparate sources; real-time data and analytics for on-demand, real-time analysis; intelligent processes for seamless interoperability; and business intelligence with actionable predictive and prescriptive insights leveraging our machine learning (ML) and AI.

Automated, interactive, self-service functionality puts sophisticated real-time decision-making capabilities in the hands of the line of business. ML-driven demand sensing improves forecast accuracy and predicts resource constraints with prescriptive analytics outlining transportation options, for example.

Decision automation frees up your line of business to focus on adding value with consistent, optimised results. As supply chains become increasingly dynamic, decisions around capacity and constraints are made with greater frequency and involve more variables. The ultimate control tower, built on Supply Chain Orchestrator will create a resilient, highly agile supply chain, enhancing orchestration from first mile to last mile.

A Proven Partner
CFAO, a €4.2 billion France-based logistics company conducts business in more than 40 countries and overseas territories.

The company faced many difficulties with data management that spanned interoperability, customer experience, e-commerce, and support for shopping malls. It used InterSystems technology to centralise the data of 120 subsidiaries into a composite business process, eliminating blind-spots for the business, partners, and customers.

The result has been vastly improved efficiencies and time to value across the business. New partners now on-board in two days instead of six months. Customers gain answers to questions in five minutes rather than hours.

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