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InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management

Financial Services

Power Your Decisions with Unified, Trusted Data

InterSystems TotalView™ For Asset Management is fully managed cloud-native software that finally enables asset management firms to bring together all siloed enterprise and external data into one single source of truth. It delivers consistent, timely, and accurate data to multiple internal and external consumers, powering risk and performance analytics, regulatory, client, and operational reports and dashboards, modeling environments, and more.

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A New Approach to Solving Persistent Data Challenges

Success Story

For decades asset management firms have struggled to improve their use of data spread across front-, middle-, and back-office applications, as well as data warehouses, data lakes, data marts, and other sources. These silos each have access limitations and contain data with different formats and frequencies. To gain insight across these data, asset managers primarily rely on manual methods or custom applications, which introduce errors and significantly delay transforming data into actionable insight.

InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management finally addresses these challenges with a next-generation smart data fabric approach that overcomes the limitations of data silos and traditional integration methods. With InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management, you can:

  • Create and maintain end-to-end data integration, harmonisation, and analytics for a single source of truth
  • Connect, control, and persist live data, delivering timely, consistent, accurate information to business users across the enterprise
  • Maximise your existing investments in data and technology using a non-disruptive architecture
  • Enable data analysts, stewards, and engineers to deliver data to business users, without relying on developer resources
InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management diagram
InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management
Key Benefits
  • Improves data quality fuelling risk and investment management decisions
  • Boosts client engagement with complete, accurate, and timely information
  • Improves responsiveness to regulators
  • Increases operational efficiencies, reduces costs, and eliminates errors

Why Is It Better?

InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management is built on InterSystems IRIS® next-generation data platform software. Unlike traditional approaches, InterSystems IRIS leverages a modern, smart data fabric-based architecture to connect to live data from the source, integrate and transform data with business rules, and apply smart data services, delivering high-quality, consistent and trusted data to all data consumers.

Asset Management and Smart Data Fabric Diagram
Smart Data Fabric Powered by InterSystems IRIS Data Platform
Key Differentiators
  • Non-disruptive; connects all internal and external data and application sources
  • Eliminates delays to deliver current information
  • Aggregates and harmonises live operational and market data with historical data
  • Provides consistent, unified metadata and semantic layer
  • Customisable – easily add and change data sources, rules, etc.
  • Self-service capabilities empower business users to get ad-hoc answers in the moment
  • Enables retrieval of any prior state to satisfy business, client, and regulatory inquiries
  • Supports both ‘collect’ and ‘connect’ data integration to optionally persist only required data
  • Fully managed in major cloud providers; you manage only the processes you want, InterSystems manages the rest
Jey Amalraj
CTO, Harris Associates
$100B+ Asset Management Firm

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