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Medical Technology Innovators

Move “Beyond the Device” with InterSystems Technology

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Enhance value and accelerate development of complete MedTech solutions around your regulated medical devices, applications, and maintenance strategies.

A data-driven enterprise business model, combining and using data from disparate sources, has never been more critical for success. It can help you:

  • Optimise the value of medical devices and medical imaging solutions
  • Combine clinical, device and other data for analytics and actionable insights
  • Demonstrate value to patients, payers, and providers across the healthcare ecosystem
  • Support development of new and innovative MedTech solutions


Guerbet Turns to InterSystems to Create Flexible, Cloud-Deployed Contrast Media Management Solution for Imaging Centers


Achieve and Demonstrate Value

Whether you are developing innovative medical devices like diagnostic imaging technology, radiology workflow software solutions, remote patient monitoring tools, or the next infusion pump or implantable device, InterSystems software enables you to:

  • Provide robust connectivity, data management, interoperability, and analytics for the new generation of MedTech solutions 
  • Unlock the value of all the data you collect, including discrete and unstructured data from electronic medical records, Internet-connected smart healthcare devices, CRM systems, and other sources regardless of format
  • Accelerate your software development schedules by leveraging our proven and scalable healthcare data model and HL7 FHIR capabilities 

No one has more experience supporting clinical data strategies and connected health information systems than InterSystems.

Transition to Value-Based Care

With the shift from volume- to value-based care and the prevalence of outcomes-based contracts and delivery models, payers and providers will look to invest in integrated value-add devices and other medical technology solutions. Real-world data and real-world evidence are essential for demonstrating the value that payers and healthcare delivery organisations want to see.

Work with InterSystems to:

  • Cost effectively acquire, transform, and use key data from across the healthcare ecosystem
  • Leverage our deep healthcare data expertise as you position for success in evolving care delivery models

Healthy Data Advances Reliable Insights

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Watch this webinar to learn:
  • Why medical device companies should have a value-based strategy
  • How to embark on a strategy that includes partnerships, governance, and data and analytics
  • What data you need to measure and track patient experience and outcomes
  • How Medtronic put its value-based strategy into practice

Platform for Innovation and Improving Every Stage of Your Product Lifecycle

The InterSystems health data platform, InterSystems IRIS for Health™ enables you to:

  • Aggregate data across the healthcare ecosystem regardless of data format
  • Leverage electronic medical record (EMR), clinical, and device data to improve product development and value
  • Reduce data silos across your enterprise to improve business efficiency and device performance
  • Deliver research-ready data to your data scientists
  • Automate real-world evidence use throughout the pipeline from research and development to regulatory compliance reporting
  • Simplify and accelerate post-market surveillance
  • Automate value-based care data capture and contract administration
  • Build medical information technology solutions that improve data workflow, care delivery, patient outcomes, and quality reporting

Learn More About InterSystems IRIS for Health


In the Cloud or On-premises, InterSystems Makes it Easier to Move Beyond the Device

InterSystems IRIS for Health is the only data platform specifically engineered to extract value from healthcare data. It empowers you to create, simplify, accelerate, and improve your MedTech healthcare solutions with:

  • Deep support for U.S. and international interoperability standards, including HL7 FHIR
  • High speed, multi-model data management, with vertical and horizontal scalability
  • Natural language processing
  • Advanced, open analytics
  • Out-of-the-box machine learning technology


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