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Life Sciences Technology Solutions

Optimize Development and Enhance Market Access
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Accelerate Discovery with Platforms Built for Real-World Data

In a highly regulated, high demand market, you need end-to-end evidence of product efficacy and value. You need connections to patients, providers, and data. Now.

The good news is that InterSystems makes it possible.

Comprehensive Real-World Data in Real-Time

Data is at the center of all life sciences. And whether you are setting up trials for your next blockbuster drug, finding patients with a rare disease, comparing the effectiveness of competing therapeutics, or creating an observational registry, you need ready access to comprehensive, curated, real-world data.

No one has more experience with health information and interoperability than InterSystems. We know that real world data is dispersed, heterogeneous, and discontinuous. We know patients can move in or out of a cohort with a single health event.

Claims data is stale, lacking in clinical details and applicable only to an insured population. But when combined with EHR and other data types, it can become a rich, source of longitudinal data insight far exceeding the scope and scale of manual data capture.

Working with EHR data isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. And InterSystems understands.

Source: Clinical Data Integration Capabilities and Sourcing Recommendations for U.S. Healthcare Payers
Gartner; Published 26 April 2021
ID G00744612 By Mandi Bishop, Rohan Sinha

InterSystems technology solutions are designed to manage health information at scale. They are designed to support virtually all healthcare interoperability standards – not just FHIR. InterSystems makes it easier for you to:

  • Create a registry-based learning health system
  • Evaluate protocol feasibility
  • Simplify study site selection
  • Identify and recruit viable patient candidates for clinicial trials
  • Deliver comparative effectiveness data to support market access
  • Leverage EHR and claims data in observational studies or synthetic control arms
  • Provide end-to-end evidence management to optimize R&D efforts and measure value

The Health and Business Challenges of Specialty Medicines and the Life Sciences Industry

In this recording, Matt Stannard, Life Sciences Advisor at InterSystems, provides an engaging summary of the challenges facing manufacturers, prescribers, and consumers of specialty medicines. These same challenges are relevant across the life sciences industry.

Improve Knowledge Discovery and Management

Data acquisition, data management, and analytics provide the business and clinical insights you need for breakthroughs at every stage of the product life cycle – from early research through post-market surveillance. InterSystems platforms are designed specifically for this type of healthcare data management.

Case Study - RxMx

How Technology Helps Mitigate Risk and Supports Patient Adherence to Specialty Medicines

Addressing the unique challenges posed by the development, prescription, and use of specialty medicines requires flexible and agile technology. Matt Smallcomb, Head of Product at RxMx, describes how the company’s solutions help pharmaceutical companies, clinicians, and patients manage the onboarding, monitoring, alerting, logistics, and educational processes associated with use of specialty medicines. These RxMx solutions are based on product InterSystems IRIS for Health™ data platform.

InterSystems HealthShare

InterSystems HealthShare advanced interoperability platform connects the healthcare ecosystem to provide real-world insight from EHRs, claims systems, and clinical notes, and serves those data up via API, Spark, FHIR and other healthcare standards, or custom workflows. HealthShare delivers clean, healthy data to your data science team for knowledge discovery, machine learning, and other data-intensive research projects.

Learn more about InterSystems HealthShare

InterSystems IRIS for Health

InterSystems IRIS for Health is a data platform specifically engineered to extract value from healthcare data, is the ideal environment for building complementary digital therapeutic applications, risk evaluation and mitigation solutions, or post-market surveillance systems.

Learn more about InterSystems IRIS for Health

Additional Resources

Jun 14, 2018
Leveraging Normalized Real-World Patient Data to Streamline Clinical Trials, Reduce Delays and Costs.
Jun 13, 2019
Access to real-world clinical data is essential to improving trial recruitment, clinical operations, and post-marketing surveillance. Yet few companies have mastered its access and use. That’s why leading pharmaceutical companies, consultants, contract research organizations, medical centers, and hospitals turn to InterSystems. You can read three such examples below.

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