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Future Gazing: Healthcare in 2021 and Beyond

The Economist Webinar

The Economist

To say the pandemic lit a match under the healthcare sector’s digital transformation agenda, is an understatement. Overnight, anything not directly related to covid-19 treatment shifted online. As remote care ballooned, the metrics tell an impressive story of innovation. This trend should be heralded as largely positive - after all, the advantages of digital health are numerous. If done properly, it boasts improved patient outcomes that benefit the bottom line. Today’s plugged-in society is more primed than ever before for this monumental shift in the care paradigm. In 2021 the home - the least intensive setting – has become the hospital. Data and new technologies have single handedly underpinned this transition. That said, in order for remote health-care to be a cornerstone of the post-corona paradigm, we need to mobilize a frustratingly fragmented stakeholder spectrum. The imperative is clear, but the window to do so without patients falling through the cracks is shrinking.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • What parts of the care continuum are particularly suited to digitalisation?
  • If we could take the best elements of an information-driven, seamless consumer experience from other industries, what kind of healthcare experience would we create? How can we make this happen?
  • How will data sharing technologies continue to evolve?
  • What will the healthcare experience look like in the next 1, 5, 10 years?
  • How is big tech interacting and morphing with ‘traditional’ healthcare providers?
  • How can remote care retain a human touch and stay patient centric?
  • Are patient concerns around data privacy and security the biggest trust barrier?
  • How can we ensure the shift online doesn’t exacerbate health outcome inequalities?

You can also download the Summary Report and Companion Infographic

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