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Competition FAQ

What types of applications win?

The types of winning applications vary greatly — from information and object retrieval systems to decision making tools. Read about the previous winners

How do I get copy of Caché?

Once you register, we’ll send you instructions for downloading a fully functional, evaluation version of Caché.

How do I obtain an Ensemble license, a multi-user Caché license or DeepSee modules?

A faculty member must submit a request for software and licenses via the University Outreach Program. There is no fee associated with the licenses for program members. Faculty members can state they are requesting the license for a student to participate in the competition. They do not have any obligation to use the software.

How do I learn Caché and/or Ensemble?

The best place to start is by reviewing the Learn Caché page or the Learn Ensemble page. Check out the University Outreach webcasts for an introduction to our technologies.

I developed an application as a student, but have graduated, can I submit my entry?

To participate in the programming competition, student(s) must be currently enrolled at a university as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Who will get the prizes if we enter as a team?

A project team can submit an application, but only one member will receive the prizes. We will recognize the entire project team in our announcements, press releases, and website posts.

Who gets the cash prize awarded to the college or university?

The prize is awarded to a specific department at the university or college.

I submitted an entry in the past. Can I improve my solution and enter again?

Yes, applications that did not win the InterSystems Student Programming Competition are eligible for resubmission, but require new submission documents. The student submitting the application must be currently attending a college or university.

I developed a solution a few years ago and never entered the competition, can I submit it now?

The application must have been developed within the past three years using InterSystems technologies.

My application is not deployed yet, but is fully functional. Is it eligible?

The application does not need to be deployed, but must be a working application. Judges must be able access and run the application.

What should be included with my written entry to make sure the judges can use my application?

  • Provide complete installation instructions, as well as instructions for running the application and using its features. This could include functional tests and/or unit tests.
  • Students should provide as much information as possible, including source code, screenshots, videos, documentation, URLs for application Web pages, etc. Supplying just a word document is not enough for the judges to consider the application.

Where do I send my entry?

Email your completed application with supporting information to or fax your entry to the number listed on the application.

Who can I contact with questions?

Contact the InterSystems University Outreach Program team at or +1.617.621.0600.