You’ll make breakthroughs by
extending the value of InterSystems’ products


Analysts estimate that as much as 95% of the world’s data is in unstructured forms. All too often, organizations never derive benefits from that data because it is difficult, time-consuming, and costly to analyze. InterSystems iKnow is embeddable technology that enables developers to build applications that unlock the valuable information in unstructured data (e.g., doctor’s notes, insurance or police reports, news articles, “comments” or other text fields). Our advanced technology gives users access to insight from all enterprise data, helping them make better decisions.

By embedding the advanced semantic analysis capabilities of iKnow, you can create breakthrough applications that change your business.

How we help you make breakthroughs:

Discover key concepts within unstructured data

Our unique iKnow technology identifies the important concepts and relationships within unstructured data. Unlike conventional semantic analysis technologies, developers aren’t required to pre-define dictionaries of important words or phrases – iKnow will find them!

Add analytical search to applications

Application developers can leverage the capabilities of iKnow to provide analytical searching capabilities. iKnow enables SQL searching of unstructured data while factoring in dominance, proximity, and negation. An iKnow search reveals what concepts are most closely related to search terms.

In addition, iKnow results can be used with InterSystems DeepSee analytics technology, enabling you to provide users with insights based on all their data, both structured and unstructured.

Automatic actions driven by insights from unstructured data

When iKnow analysis is combined with the powerful business rules processing of InterSystems Ensemble®, applications built with InterSystems’ platform can “read” documents and automatically drive actions based on the content.