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Cloud Deployment

Deploying in the cloud allows you to deliver value to clients faster. The cloud is the ideal platform for providing software-as-a-service (SaaS), which is characterized by rapid development, testing, and deployment. In addition, the cloud offers a cost-effective path to scalability, elasticity, and reliability.

We have eliminated technical barriers to deploying in the cloud, leaving you free to make the business decision as to whether cloud deployment makes sense for you.

Why use the Cloud?
Perhaps the most important reason for deploying your breakthrough applications in the cloud is that it accelerates value delivery to clients. You can deliver more value to customers better, faster, and cheaper than is possible with other deployment models.

The scalability of a cloud-based architecture gives you the capacity to grow and its elasticity makes it a cost-effective method of delivering software-as-a-service. In addition, many organizations look to the cloud as a way to build redundancy into their systems, thereby increasing availability.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Software-as-a-service provides “just in time” value to users by making software available to them in the cloud. Clients can access your breakthrough applications anytime, from anywhere, on a pay-for-use basis or as a subscription based on use metrics. The SaaS model is a good fit for:

  • Applications that have widely fluctuating usage patterns
  • Applications that are frequently accessed via mobile devices or the Web
  • Applications that have a geographically disbursed end user base
  • Short-term projects and evaluations

Benefits of adopting the SaaS model include:

Rapid delivery of benefits

With the SaaS model, nothing needs to be installed on client machines. Deployment is simple – you can provision a new instance of your application within minutes. Similarly, with no client software to install, the SaaS model enables quick and easy roll-out of upgrades.

Expanded markets

With the SaaS model, it is easy to expand your business into new geographic territories. That’s because your breakthrough applications are accessible from any Web browser – which means from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device anywhere in the world.

In addition, because your applications can be “rented” on a subscription or pay-for-use basis, users may find them to be a more cost-effective option. As a result, you may gain new customers.

Fast path to integration and innovation

Service-enabling your applications makes it easy to integrate and leverage their capabilities, and provide new breakthroughs to your customers.