You’ll make breakthroughs
data management 
and rapid development

Provisioning, Monitoring, & Managing

Using InterSystems technology to develop a breakthrough application is just the beginning. You have to deploy it in an environment that will deliver the necessary levels of performance, scalability, and availability. You must configure, provision, and manage your application. And you must roll-out upgrades as they occur.

Caché includes an easy-to-use Web-based system management portal, and many other features designed to help you swiftly, reliably, and securely deploy and maintain your breakthrough applications.

Options for high availability

Caché supports several advanced technologies for high availability and rapid disaster recovery. In particular, it provides a simple, elegant capability for database mirroring, which is a very cost-effective way of achieving high availability.

Deploying in the cloud

We believe that deploying in the cloud should be more of a business decision than a technical one. We offer templates and features that make it easy to deploy, provision, monitor, and manage Caché-based applications in a cloud environment. We also have flexible business models that enable our partners to deploy solutions in hosted, on-premise, and cloud environments, or in hybrid models.

InterSystems Enterprise Manager

InterSystems Enterprise Manager is a stand-alone component that enables you to configure, manage, and provision multiple instances of Caché from a central server. It can greatly simplify the management of large systems.