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InterSystems Change Control: Tier 1 Basics

Use InterSystems Change Control Record (CCR) to progress code changes and debug problems

3 days, No cost for qualified customers and partners

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CCR, Change Control, Source Control

    This course – consisting of 3-days – teaches Change Control Record (CCR) application users how to safely and efficiently progress code changes as well as changes made to interoperability components such as productions and data transformations. By the end of training, learners will be able to leverage the workflow and documentation tools, use CCR Transport to move changes, follow best practices to prevent crises, and debug common errors.
    This course is applicable to all Tier 1 users of the CCR application and will not cover Tier 2 for InterSystems TrakCare® users.

    This course runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm US Eastern Time each day.


    You are required to have the following knowledge/experience prior to attending this course:

    • Basic understanding of change control
    • Basic understanding of InterSystems® namespaces and databases
    • Experience with InterSystems ObjectScript class definitions and routines
    • Experience with HealthShare® or InterSystems Ensemble® Productions
    • Experience with HL7® V2 Routing Rules

    See the Achieving Prerequisites section below if you do not fulfill these requirements.

    Achieving Prerequisites

    If you do not have previous experience to fulfill the prerequisites, complete the following online courses:

    Preparing for Class

    Online courses that will help prepare for class but are not required include:

    Course Agenda

    Workflow and Documentation

    • Basic Workflow and documentation (Tier 0)
    • Additional workflow options
    • Peer review options
    CCR Transport (moving changes)

    • Introduction to CCR Transport
    • Items and ItemSets
    • Best practices and basic debugging
    Making and Progressing Tier 1 Changes

    • Changes made in an IDE
    • Changes made in the Management Portal to interoperability components, including:
      • Productions
      • Data Lookup Tables
      • Business Processes
      • Data Transformations
      • Business Rules
      • Record Maps
      • Complex Record Maps
      • HL7 v2 Custom Schemas (InterSystems IRIS v2019.1+)
    • HealthShare considerations

    Cancellation Policy

    InterSystems reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class at least 10 business days prior to the announced start date. We will usually cancel a class if there are fewer than five registrants.