Unified data platform for retail and logistics.

InterSystems Data Platform Enables Digital Transformation

InterSystems data platform is all that you need for any retall challenge, from building a web of interconnected data for online shopping to leveraging customer information to coordinating logistics.

The InterSystems IRIS Experience lets you try InterSystems IRIS for yourself.

Solution for Digital Transformation

Foundation for IT Empowerment

  • Full support for expanding role of IT
  • Speedy integration, application development, and deployment
  • Modern, open, standards-based development environment
  • Low cost of ownership: fewer software and staffing requirements
  • Minimal training requirements
  • Easy to install, use, and maintain

360-Degree View of Customer Data

  • Comprehensive view of your customers and their likely future purchases
  • Real-time, personalized interactions with customers across all touch points

Unified Retail Commerce

  • Access to product information, availability, order status, and shipment status in real time
  • Seamless business processes with real-time, event-driven analytics
  • Integration with IoT technologies, including beacons and RFID tags
  • Ability to monitor, alert, and report on activities, process flows, and key performance indicators in real time
A factory worker checks inventory digitally.

“InterSystems provides all the capabilities we need to meet our business demands, in one seamless environment. We’ve successfully developed and implemented a number of projects. As a result, IT has become a trusted strategic partner to CFAO’s business units.”

Anthony Gillaizeau, IT Manager
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“All information about the 8,000 products, the stock, orders, and sales statistics are now bundled. Thirty-five data structures can be opened at the same time in only one application screen. The software itself can give buying suggestions according to the given information.”

Xavier Demeuse
IT Department Manager, Heyten
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“We are very happy with Caché’s rapid web development, scalability, and high performance.”

Gerd Karnitschnig
Slovenia Managing Director, SPAR IGT
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“Many customers who trust us with their freight depend on precise and current delivery information for the planning of their company activities. This is why it is important to us that they receive the time status for their delivery.”

Rumen Lilov
eBusiness Development Manager, MSC
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Digital transformation for retail and logistics.




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