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客户的成功是我们的动力——创新、发展和迎接新的挑战。 了解 InterSystems 解决方案如何助力医疗保健金融服务以及供应链和物流领域的客户取得成功。

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阅读 InterSystems 专家和合作伙伴最新发布的资源。
8月 30, 2023
Gartner Market Guide
Gartner provides insights on the platforms that accelerate decision-making across supply chain teams
8月 22, 2023
Smart Data Fabric
As enterprise data grows in volume and complexity, solutions have evolved.
8月 10, 2023
Gartner Research
Gartner Peer Insights Reviews are completed by InterSystems customers Vendors placed in the upper-right quadrant of the segment quadrants are recognized through the Customers’ Choice Segment Distinction. InterSystems IRIS was highly rated by customers in the North American region. The data collected represents a top-level synthesis of vendor software products most valued by IT Enterprise professionals.
8月 10, 2023
KLAS Research: Points of Light Case Study
Improving the Speed and Transparency of Authorizations through FHIR API–Enabled Data Sharing
8月 05, 2023
Supply Chain Market Research
Supply chains are being challenged like never before. Evolving consumer demands, turbulent geopolitical environment, labor shortages, and increasing operational costs have all amplified the complexities and fragility of supply chain interdependencies, and as such, the progress of innovation initiatives.
7月 21, 2023
Leveraging FHIR for Payers
The implementation of the CMS Interoperability rule (9115-F) presents an opportunity for payers to leverage their investment in FHIR infrastructure and aggregated data beyond just regulatory compliance.


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