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Using Data to Power Brain Health


The brain is the most important organ in the body. But incredibly, there's no standard routine assessment for brain health. Looking after the brain should be our top priority.

Our vision is to establish a new global standard in the measurement of brain health.

The answer, we believe, could lie on our flagship cognitive assessment tool, CognICA. This is an AI powered technology. It's a software as a medical device delivered on iPads. It's fast, scalable. And its convenience and practicality makes it ideal for routine examinations, which doesn't currently happen. We have a consistent measure of information about brain health throughout the whole process.

That's where InterSystems comes in. The ability to have this available data, high availability, so that the clinicians can make the best possible decisions.

We're very excited about the future. And we believe that things for brain health are going to improve over the coming years. We're a small company, but very ambitious.

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