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Better Connectivity, Faster Growth for MedTech in the Age of IoT

MedTech IoT Infographic

MedTech companies face growing demand for connected health devices and support for IoT

Better Connectivity, Faster Growth for MedTech in The Age of IoT - Infographic Thumbnail

Companies need better connectivity, better storage, and the ability to scale quickly. To address those needs and prepare for rapid growth, a leading global supplier of smart intravenous patient-controlled analgesia (IV-PCA) infusion pumps conducted a head-to-head performance evaluation of InterSystems IRIS for Health™ vs. its current SQL Server-based cloud platform.

Download the infographic to learn about the challenges and solutions MedTech Companies face, including:

  • Connecting IoT Devices
  • Efficient Storage For Device Records
  • Scaling to Support Projected Growth

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