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Our Customers Have Spoken. KLAS Has Noticed.

KLAS Research

KLAS Research collects feedback from thousands of healthcare providers to offer an honest, accurate, and impartial overview of vendor performance. This feedback is quantified and summarized in its 2022 Best in KLAS Software & Services report. KLAS calls Best in KLAS a recognition of a vendor’s “outstanding efforts to help healthcare organizations accomplish the quadruple aim: better outcomes, lower costs, improved patient experience, and improved clinician experience.”

Best in KLAS Software and Services 2022, Interoperability Platforms

InterSystems HealthShare® Unified Care Record

InterSystems HealthShare Unified Care Record has been recognized a total of nine times across categories since 2006. HealthShare enables healthcare organizations to connect providers, patients, and payers with complete patient records and analytics. As a result, healthcare organizations can capture information, share it in a meaningful way, aid understanding and, ultimately, drive transformative action across organizations and communities.

What Our Customers Said

Best in KLAS Acute Care EMR – Global (Asia/Oceania) 2022

InterSystems TrakCare Unified Healthcare Information System

KLAS named InterSystems TrakCare® Best in KLAS for global acute care EMR for the sixth time. Global Best in KLAS awards are given to vendors serving healthcare professionals outside the United States in two market segments, acute care EMR and PACS. TrakCare helps healthcare providers deliver safer, more efficient, and better coordinated care. The product facilitates efficient, shared workflows across care settings and provides a complete unified record for each patient across the care continuum.

What Our Customers Said

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