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What’s on the Minds of Developers: Popular Topics on the Developer Community

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The InterSystems Developer Community is a place where developers raise questions, offer support, and connect. Here are the top five themes and trends developers discussed in 2018:


“Containers” continues to be one of the hottest buzzwords in the last 3 years. Container-oriented cloud solutions play a significant role in the massive move to digital transformation. Every year, the IT industry observes yet another set of impressive business results from enterprises leveraging containers in cloud solutions. It is a hot topic on the InterSystems Developer Community, as well. Our brand-new data platform, InterSystems IRIS data platform, is built for cloud solutions with containers. See the hottest articles related to the topic on Developer Community.

Sharding and Transactional Performance

The newly released InterSystems IRIS allows developers to do database sharding, which enables horizontal scalability. It’s a great way to improve the performance of database queries by adding new nodes that execute some database queries in parallel for certain cohorts of data. This option is actively discussed on the InterSystems Developer Community, too, because high ingestion and performance of parallel queries are among the popular features in InterSystems data platforms.


Based on content from key IT developer conferences in the last year, it appears that the level of maturity of AI and ML capabilities has reached mass adoption in business applications. Today, AI/ML approaches are available to nearly all developers. Creating AI and ML solutions doesn’t require a cohort of data scientists and thousands of hours in a data center; rather, one developer can create intelligent solutions on his or her own, simply. AI and ML raise new questions, however, including access to data, data quality and privacy. This means even more is required from data platforms to better manage the data with a higher level of performance, security, scalability and reliability.


Multi-model data storage capability is another one of the distinguishing features of InterSystems data platforms. It’s an all-time favorite topic among developers and has contributed to the success of solutions based on InterSystems data platforms. It helps our partners build and deploy reliable and robust solutions suitable for almost any type and complexity of data. Basically, the multi-model feature lets you provide different formats of application programming interface (API) for the same data: SQL, Object, Key-Value, Document, etc. If the out-of-the-box data models don’t fit your needs, you can introduce your own API with InterSystems ObjectScript server-side language. Learn more about multi-model on InterSystems Developer Community.

Hardware Sizing and Solutions Architecture

InterSystems is the power behind what matters. What does this mean? InterSystems is the "power" that drives the world's most important applications; and "what matters" is the work our clients do, in healthcare, business and government. When lives and livelihoods are at stake, organizations turn to InterSystems because their missions are too important to fail. The sizing and architecture of such solutions are very complex topics and of constant interest on the InterSystems Developer Community. Check out the publications of two of our most popular experts and architects, Mark Bolinsky and Murray Oldfield. Follow them so you don’t miss their latest posts on sizing, architecture and performance with deployment of serious solutions on InterSystems data platforms.

For more on these topics, and many others, check out the top InterSystems Data Platform articles of 2018 on Developer Community.