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Unleashing a New, Powerful Data Platform: InterSystems IRIS Now Available

Group of young coworkers in a dimly-lit office reviewing a new data platform

Back in September at the 2017 Global Summit, we announced the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. And the past four months we have been busy getting ready for the general availability of our biggest product announcement to date. The IRIS Data Platform is designed to provide organizations with the opportunity to capitalize on their data-intensive and mission-critical applications with enhanced features for data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics. It is named after four attributes that are a driving force for InterSystems and valuable to our customers - Interoperable, Reliable, Intuitive and Scalable. As part of the IRIS product team, I am excited to announce that the IRIS Data Platform is now available to all of our customers.

Developing a reliable, powerful, massively scalable new data platform involves a lot of detail, and I’ve asked my team to share some stories with you over the next few weeks that relate to some of its most interesting features, including sharding, cloud deployment, language support, and learning.

Having led the development of InterSystems IRIS through its introduction today, I would like to recognize the hard work that our InterSystems team has made in making it a reality. I believe I speak for the entire InterSystems community when I say that I simply cannot wait to see what the innovators we count among our customers and partners will do with it.

We’ve done—and will continue to do—our part in making InterSystems IRIS as powerful a tool as it can be; but now it’s your turn. In making it generally available, we have turned it over to you, builders. You can put your hands on it via our new InterSystems IRIS Experience, where you can learn, play and build using our technology.

In addition to my comments, my colleagues from around the globe had a few thoughts to share today as we introduce InterSystems IRIS. I’m pleased to share with you the video below:


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