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Finding All Patients Recently Managed by a Care Provider With COVID-19 Diagnosis


We’re aware that some of our customers around the world do not manage confirmed COVID-19 cases in their facilities, since local regulations require those patients to be isolated and treated in designated COVID-19 hospitals and clinics. However, a care provider could test positive for SARS-CoV-2; in this case, it would be crucial to be able to identify all patients recently managed by the infected care provider. The dashboard below helps achieve this by providing a simple list of patients whose TrakCare records were either viewed or modified by the user within a specified number of days.

Finding patients recently managed with COVID-19 diagnosis screen shot
User Audit Log – Displays all patients seen by selected care provider.


This article originally appeared the April 17, 2020- OnTrak News Flash No.2: The Fight Against COVID-19 newsletter