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The End-to-End Supply Chain

National Technology News Article

NTN: National Technology News

How are logistics organisations, suppliers and retailers using technologies to connect up data and build operational agility?

Senior leaders from across logistics, retail, and CPG manufacturing explored some of the top challenges for companies as they try to harness technology to tackle supply chain disruption.

Stories of supply chain disruption dominate the headlines, with the pandemic, Brexit and driver shortages leaving supply chain businesses battered by a perfect storm of risk.

In an age of rapid digital transformation, businesses from logistics providers and retailers, to suppliers and manufacturers, are all racing to modernise systems and build omnichannel connectivity to deliver the just-on-time service that customers have come to expect.

As a result, data accessibility and visibility of supply chain processes has become crucial. However, many businesses remain stuck in a maze of outdated legacy systems and siloed information, meaning that locating shipments, monitoring stock levels, and tracking orders across the supply chain are more of an aspiration than a reality.

To combat these challenges, many supply chain businesses are exploring the concept of a supply chain control tower, which connects the data within an organisation and its partners to streamline operations, leverage the insights within data, and improve flexibility and resiliency.

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