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Breaking Down Data Barriers in the Healthcare Sector

InterSytems IRIS & VMware

VMware and InterSystems Partner for Greater Interoperability and IT Simplicity

Manage healthcare data effectively and with greater ease. The InterSystems® IRIS™ data platform with VMware® vSAN™ delivers the interoperability, performance, simplicity, and scale that healthcare organizations require today.

60% faster
The rate at which healthcare data is growing compared to other industries1
3300% more
The growth in the amount of healthcare data from 2016 to 20252

As data in the healthcare sector becomes increasingly digitized, we’re seeing tremendous progress in terms of the speed and quality of care. However, not all information is digitized. And digital data alone is growing exponentially. So how do organizations, like yours, connect and make sense of it—both within your organization and across healthcare ecosystems? More importantly, how do you manage the influx of information in light of resource constraints, growing IT complexity, a changing regulatory landscape, and mission‑critical performance expectations?

VMware and InterSystems have joined forces to address the complexity surrounding siloed data, primarily through greater interoperability and simplified IT. The InterSystems IRIS data platform on VMware vSAN hyperconverged infrastructure provides one true platform that helps you simplify and cohesively manage data, accommodate complex data types from multiple sources, and achieve the horizontal and vertical scalability that’s imperative today.

Unify Health Information

The process of connecting information in healthcare begins by breaking down data barriers. And InterSystems IRIS, with flexible integration and built‑in support for standard APIs, delivers the interoperability you’re looking for. It also makes it easier and faster to access, manage, analyze and use all of your healthcare data for real‑time insights and better, faster decision‑making.

The IRIS platform serves as the foundation for two powerful solutions designed specifically for the healthcare market.

  • InterSystems HealthShare: A suite of connected health solutions that unifies care records across your organization.
  • InterSystems TrakCare: A proven, unified healthcare information system that’s trusted by leading healthcare providers across the globe.
diagram - InterSystems products - Breaking Down Barriers Healthcare Sector

Simplify IT Management

VMware vSAN provides a single, efficient, high‑performance storage platform that enables the IRIS data platform to simplify data management and deliver solid, predictable performance.

vSAN converges compute and storage resources on industry‑standard x86 servers and uses software to abstract and pool cluster resources. VMware vSAN unifies management with existing software tools and simplifies operations with extensive use of automation to drive operational processes. vSAN’s support of all-flash configurations with the latest storage technologies, including NVMe, policy-based management, and rich data service such as quality of service, enables IRIS to deliver solid, predictable performance. In addition, vSAN’s scale‑out architecture allows administrators to granularly scale resources as demands grow, in as little as one node increments, which further simplifies data management.

diagram - vShphere vSAN - Breaking Down Barriers Healthcare Sector

Key Benefits

Connect information for better patient care with:

  • A complete data platform: InterSystems IRIS eliminates the need to integrate multiple development technologies. Applications require less code, fewer system resources, and reduced maintenance.
  • Freedom of choice: InterSystems IRIS uses standard APIs to create data interfaces for true interoperability. VMware allows you to create vSAN clusters from commodity hardware, with over 500 ReadyNodes™, or jointly certified servers, from 18 OEM vendors, as well as a turnkey, jointly engineered appliance, Dell EMC VxRail. The inherent flexibility of both platforms means you have greater choice when it comes to running your data platform solution on your preferred hardware vendor or preferred cloud provider.
  • Massive horizontal and vertical scalability: The IRIS data platform can scale up and out on VMware vSAN and in the cloud. VMware vSAN has native services with three of the top four cloud providers, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM, as well as partnerships with hundreds of cloud providers for HCI‑as‑a‑Service, including Rackspace, CenturyLink, and OVH.
  • Rapid deployment and simplified management: Accelerate time to operation with fast, automated deployment, and simplify Day 2 operations with easy, familiar tools—vSphere® and vCenter®. Take advantage of vSphere Update Manager’s (VUM) extension to storage for automated lifecycle management for compute and storage infrastructure.
  • Multi‑layer security and compliance ease: VMware vSAN delivers multi‑layer, full‑stack security for data stored at rest and in transit. vSAN offers software‑based encryption for data at rest, and vSphere security features include AppDefense, a proprietary approach to application security, TPM 2.0 support, Role‑based Access Controls (RBAC), and more. VMware HCI also seamlessly integrates VMware NSX® for micro‑segmentation and other network‑based security features. InterSystems IRIS makes it easier to address a broad range of healthcare regulations including HL7, HIPAA, and others.

Performance You Can Trust

InterSystems is a global leader in healthcare data management and analytics. Similarly, VMware is the market leader, providing software‑defined data center solutions to healthcare organizations. Together, InterSystems and VMware have tested and validated the IRIS data platform on VMware vSAN to ensure this powerful solution meets the needs of your organization and delivers exceptional value through simplified data management and proven, reliable performance.

Take the Next Step

For more information about running InterSystems IRIS on VMware vSAN, please contact your InterSystems or VMware sales representative or visit us at and

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1 IDC study, “The Digital Universe Driving Data Growth in Healthcare,” 2014.
2 IDC study, “Data Age 2025: The Evolution of Data to Life-Critical Don’t Focus on Big Data; Focus on the Data That’s Big,” 2017.

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