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Advisory: HealthShare 2022.2.0 Kits Replaced

This problem affects the following product kits:

  • Unified Care Record  2022.2.0 - build 1007
  • Clinical Viewer 2022.2.0 - build 1010
  • Provider Directory 2022.2.0 - build 1008
  • Care Community  2022.2.0 - build 1008

The product kits referenced above were removed from the WRC distribution page on Thursday, October 20, 2022, as they contain a defect that may cause the loss of production data at the time of upgrade.
InterSystems strongly recommends that if you downloaded any of these kits, that you immediately delete any copies of these kits to prevent accidental use.

The identified issue affects only mirrored upgrades. Customers who have installed a new instance using the kits, and customers that have upgraded an instance from a previous version in a non-mirrored environment using the kits, are not affected by this defect. Only customers who upgrade from a previous version in a mirrored environment may be affected by this defect. If you upgraded an instance from a previous version of HealthShare to version 2022.2 and are using mirroring, please contact the WRC for more information.

Replacement kits have been posted to the WRC distribution page in the form of a HealthShare 2022.2.2 maintenance release of the products listed above.