Comprehensive, Extensible Software for Creating Engaged Patient Communities

Personal Community

The Value of Patient Engagement

Engaged patients actively and knowledgeably manage their own health and wellness and that of others for whom they have responsibility. They review and manage care records, learn about conditions, adopt healthy behaviors, make informed healthcare purchases, and interact with care providers as partners.

Research shows that engaged and activated patients have higher levels of satisfaction and use fewer resources. Patients who understand their conditions and options make better healthcare decisions. And patient record review leads to safer care and improved record quality.

Shifting business models, industry consolidation, and constrained resources make a fully engaged patient population essential. In a fee-for-service environment, you need a loyal consumer base supported by information transparency and the convenience of services such as online prescription refill and referral requests. In a risk-based reimbursement model, you need to offer patients a single view of your clinically integrated network and the efficiency of secure, online communications to reduce the need for in-person visits.

Beyond “Check the Box”

Unlike single-source EHR-based portals created purely to “check the box” for meaningful use, Personal Community offers a real-time intuitive view of all the information available across any number of data providers. The look and feel is configurable to support your branding and market identity. You determine what data to present to patients and in what format. You select the appropriate enrollment model for your population.

InterSystems HealthShare Personal Community: Redefining the patient portal to transform healthcare in your community


Personal Community extends and complements HealthShare Information Exchange. It is certified for meaningful use Stage 2. Surrounding the Composite Health Record is a robust set of functionality:

Personal Health Timeline
Personal Community displays information in a variety of intuitive formats designed for patient use. Health history can be viewed in an episodic timeline, or specific types of information such as medications can be searched and viewed directly.

Secure Messaging 
Patients can communicate with any member of their care team connected to Personal Community. Messages can be delivered via Direct or other standards, or directly to the inbox of the clinician’s system.

Health history of Marla Gonzalez.Enrollment and Proxy 
Enrollment may be handled at the point of care, initiated by a patient or via an external application such as a registration system. Patients can assign family members or others on their care team as proxies who can view their records.

Convenient Services
Patients have easy access to a wide variety of services across the entire health network. Referral and prescription refill requests, appointment scheduling services, form and document management, and similar services are available to support efficient patient-provider interactions.

Personalized Education Content
You can add local news and events, links to community resources, and relevant patient education materials to create a trusted information environment that enhances the relationship with your organization.

A full back-office management portal is included to enable enrollment, proxy assignment, task management, adoption metrics, and portal customization.


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