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The Hidden Costs of Bad Healthcare Data

Sage Growth Partners

How using a smart data fabric can reduce hidden costs

Data underpins every decision that leaders at a healthcare organization (HCO) make today. But is it the right data? Is it accurate? Is it timely and meaningful? Can you rely on it to make effective decisions? Most HCOs suffer from an overload of disparate data from an array of internal and external sources that is managed via a hodgepodge of strategies and technology infrastructure. That decreases the data’s reliability and accuracy, and negatively impacts the entire enterprise by contributing to poorer clinical and business decisions, higher costs, and lower efficiency, care quality, and revenues.

A recent survey revealed:

  • 85% of organizations saw data analytics priorities as fundamental to achieving broader strategic objectives
  • 20% of those surveyed fully trust the data they rely on to make decisions

This new Sage Growth Partners report summarizes findings from a survey of healthcare executives that identified their most common data management and analytics challenges and how a smart healthcare data fabric can help address them.
Key findings included issues with:

  • Integration and interoperability
  • Poor data quality
  • Data access across the enterprise

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