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Innovation Amongst Disruption: Achieving Accelerated Time to Value Within the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Market Research

Supply chains are being challenged like never before. Evolving consumer demands, turbulent geopolitical environment, labor shortages, and increasing operational costs have all amplified the complexities and fragility of supply chain interdependencies, and as such, the progress of innovation initiatives.

Underlying the pressures to innovate, a survey commissioned by InterSystems found that 80% of supply chain leaders believe innovation is vital to the survival of their organization, with keeping pace with consumer needs the main driver of innovation projects for over half.

SC Innovation
SC Innovation

The survey highlights include the biggest data challenges being faced which are:

  • 65% struggle to get the data in the correct format or have difficulties integrating disparate data sources
  • 33% consider their legacy technology a barrier to data driven innovation
  • Almost a quarter are prevented from end-to-end visibility by poor integration and app silos

Adopting connective tissue technology helps supply chains to shorten the time to decision, arming them with the insights needed to think out of the box to progress their innovation initiatives. That can only happen with the right supply chain data management solution which won’t require organizations to rip and replace their current setups, whether they’re on-prem, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud. Instead, it should complement the existing environment and offer flexible deployment options to allow organizations to start driving intelligent actions.

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