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Driving to Level 10 in 2024

CHiME On-Demand Webinar

Digital Health Most Wired (DHMW) Level 10 organizations differed from all other organizations participating in the 2023 DHMW survey in a few key areas of the survey:

  • Analytics
  • Innovation
  • Patient Engagement
  • Interoperability

Knowing these differences could help organizations prepare to drive to Level 10 in the 2024 DHMW survey. In this webinar, spend a few moments with CHIME and InterSystems personnel as they discuss the key issues propelling healthcare organizations to digital distinctiveness.


Jessica Jowdy
Manager, Healthcare Sales Engineering
Jessica Jowdy is the Manager of Healthcare Sales Engineering and is in her eighth year at InterSystems. In her role, Jessica has been intimately involved with integration technology across different healthcare verticals, including the provider, payer, government, and life science sectors. Jessica has overseen many integration engine migration projects, including migrations from on-prem to cloud-based offerings and migrations between integration engine vendors and technologies. In addition, Jessica has helped organization establish best practices for developing and maintaining integrations, as well as uncover opportunities for innovation on top of integration technologies.

Lorren Pettit
Senior Director, Digital Health Analytics
Lorren Pettit is a healthcare data scientist, researcher and strategist with more than thirty years of experience in various sectors of the healthcare ecosystem. With extended tenures in some of healthcare’s most renown organizations to include Vizient, Press Ganey, and HIMSS, Mr. Pettit’s “fingerprints” are all over some of the most significant efforts influencing the delivery of healthcare throughout the world. At present, Lorren oversees CHIME’s Digital Health Most Wired survey program.


Frank Cutitta
Senior Strategist, Digital Health Insights
Producer of Health Stealth Radio

He has over 40 years of experience in the global media, information technology, and healthcare industries. Over the years he launched some of the most iconic IT media brands in 90 countries including Computerworld, PC World, Network World, CSO, and CIO. His international career then led him to work in the intelligence sector during his time in the former USSR and Cuba.

He is also been the founder and CEO of Weapons of Mass Discussion LLC, a consultancy specializing in conversational media around the world.

In addition to being a graduate professor of healthcare informatics and global communications, he serves on the board of JBJS, the world’s leading orthopedic journal, and as Co-Chair of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network’s Patient Family Advisory Council. He previously served on the Global Board for HIMSS for 6 years.

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