Empowering Innovation and Community

Our goal is to make it simple for developers using our products to build applications that matter.

We do that by enabling you to work with familiar tools and technologies, and by encouraging interaction with your peers through our Developer Community.


Developing with InterSystems Atelier

Atelier is a plug-in to the popular Eclipse development framework. It allows you to use an open, standards-based environment to build solutions rapidly that leverage the scalability, connectivity, and reliability of InterSystems products.

Client-Side Development

Atelier helps you leverage third-party libraries to rapidly build interactive user interfaces for web and mobile applications.

Server-Side Development

Atelier brings InterSystems native scripting languages into the Eclipse framework. It provides capabilities such as debugging and testing to enable team collaboration and accelerate development. Support for Web services enables connected solutions using service-oriented architectures (SOA) and Enterprise Service Buses (ESB).

Leveraging the Eclipse Ecosystem

InterSystems is an Eclipse Associate MemberEclipse is a popular, open-source, cross-platform framework for application development. Plug-ins can provide capabilities for:

  • Source Control
  • Popular Technologies such as Java, XML, JSON, Angular, etc.


Connect with Developers

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