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Leverage Data and Analytics to Create Reliable New Revenue Streams

BBTS/Banco do Brasil

In Banco do Brasil, we have more than 82 million clients. And we have more than 3000 billion dollars in assets. We are the biggest bank in Latin America, so everything must go right.

What we are trying to do is using non-structured data and connect different sources, to provide a better assessment of credit. To offer credit to people outside of the traditional bank system, and also offering credit for people that do not have a bank account with us. It's a game changer, it could actually provide a disruptive new model in the financial system, not only in Brazil, but also in Latin America and the entire world. The operation is huge.

We need to have a partner that we trust. We strongly believe that InterSystems will be this partner. In the end of the day that's what we want: a truthful partner, efficient partner, high scalability, and someone that we trust.


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