Supporting the immediate aims of Global Digital Exemplars

Hospitals across the world are working with InterSystems to achieve the highest global standards of digital maturity, including stage 7 of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM).

This level of commitment is being reflected strongly in England, where InterSystems is working with NHS customers to reach advanced levels of digital maturity at pace – key aims of the Global Digital Exemplars (GDEs) and fast followers.

Harnessing information for better patient care is fast becoming reality, with a sharp growth in technology adoption now anticipated as GDEs lead the way. InterSystems has the means to help NHS trusts quickly deliver effective, proven technology at scale, in order to achieve genuinely integrated care across the enterprise and beyond.

Connecting care, connecting vision

Look past the impetus for digital innovation in the hospital, and national drivers have created the need for future reaching strategy. Hospitals must now not only look inwardly as they break down silos of care, but they must work to realise the aspirations of sustainability and transformation plans (STPs), and of joined-up care.

InterSystems is already working with the NHS and the wider care community to join-together their visions and meet the complimentary aims of national objectives together. There is a need for interoperable solutions in order to integrate care across boundaries.

Professor Bob Wachter’s landmark review of NHS digitisation insisted that “interoperability should be built in from the start”. As we support hospitals on their internal digital journey, we will also give them the means to prepare for their outward care partnerships so that patient centric care becomes reality.

Where we are advancing digital maturity

Hospitals using InterSystems technology have proven that digital maturity can be advanced rapidly for improved clinical practice and better patient care.

Helping thousands of hospitals and laboratories across the world to make the most of information for their patients, our customers are already achieving the standard now being set by GDEs to pave the way for NHS digitisation.

Look overseas, and King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, reached HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6 just five months after deploying TrakCare electronic patient record technology. In less than two years, it became the first hospital anywhere in the Middle East to reach Stage 7.

The same advanced clinical functionality is now being used in hospitals in England to move towards the same goals. At Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, for example, some £27.5m of benefits are expected as a result of deploying TrakCare, and by the end of the trust’s phase two deployment, it too anticipates moving closer to Stage 7, with one of the most clinically advanced systems anywhere in the UK allowing thousands of patients to receive safer and better coordinated care from professionals.

How we are enabling integrated care ambitions

Our technology is being put to the test by frontline staff today in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to make a real difference to patient care, and we are working with some genuine pioneers, in hospitals and other care settings, to help them join together services across a full range of health and social care environments; a prerequisite to advancing the wider STP agenda.

Interoperability and integration is fast becoming a reality alongside digital maturity, offering important food for thought for GDEs at the onset. Whether that’s the Coordinate My Care service, which has used InterSystems HealthShare technology to enable patient choice for end of life care and to help avoid people spending their final days in hospital, by sharing information between London’s multiple health and care providers. Or our work with Lincolnshire Health and Care, which has brought together 13 health and social care organisations to enable preventative, co-ordinated care across the county. Or whether that’s aggregating and integrating patient healthcare information across health and social care services to deliver an integrated digital care record in South Devon; the evidence is there to learn from.

For more than 35 years, InterSystems has been the engine behind the world’s most important applications. In financial services, healthcare and government and wherever lives and livelihoods are at stake, millions of people worldwide depend on the power, scale integration and performance of InterSystems – the power behind what matters.