The information to manage what matters

New technology and new models of care create opportunities and risks for providers across the care continuum. Comprehensive patient information brings providers and patients together in a seamless, coordinated care and management experience.

Coordinated, Collaborative Care

InterSystems customers include some of the most successful health and care organisations on the planet. They’ve put comprehensive patient records at the center of a coordinated care experience powered by the world’s most proven EPR, TrakCare and built connected health communities united by HealthShare.

They’re using comprehensive health records to

  • Surface the information that matters at the right time and place
  • Engage patients and families
  • Communicate across the care team, locally, regionally, nationally
  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance safety
A doctor helps her patient understand our Health Informatics Platform.

Personalising Population Health Management

Whether you are managing a patient panel, a disease cohort, or the health of a whole community, you drive performance by doing the right thing for each and every individual. That requires

  • Intelligence: embedded logic to signal the need for action
  • Knowledge: evidence-based care protocols baked into provider workflows
  • Vision: effective information presentation when and where needed

High-touch healthcare needs high-tech solutions to drive the right care to the right members of your population, at the right time.

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