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Delivering an End-to-End Single Version of the Truth in Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset management firms have been trying to solve the same data problem for decades: how do you aggregate all of your enterprise data, including from vendor applications in the front-, middle-, and back-office, along with third-party service provider data, publicly available data, and data from other sources?

Joe Lichtenberg, head of global product and industry marketing, spoke with TSAM (The Summit for Asset Management) and explains that by leveraging a data fabric, these firms can provide their entire business, and their clients, with current, accurate and actionable information to address multiple use cases, while reducing the cost, manual effort, and delays of working with enterprise-wide data.

Firms will also be able to overcome the limitations of previous approaches, including data lakes and data warehouses, while leveraging these existing initiatives in a complementary and non-disruptive manner.

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